Science Chat Video on the SQUID

The above is a 5 MINUTE INTRODUCTION for the recent science chat on how our LIZARD BRAIN can turn us into our own worst enemy! You are invited to attend the next science chat on May 6th on the critical voice, read here for more information about the “Tea Time Science Chats.” If you enjoyed the above video, consider clicking this link the FULL 1 HOUR RECORDING and read the writing underneath the video to see more details... Read More


COME JOIN the lively intellectual discussion on my upcoming “Tea Time Science Chats” every other Thursday, here are the attached details**  THE FINALE SCIENCE CHAT IS TOMORROW, JULY 22nd, announcement with slides click here to see more Testimonial from July 8th event (which was amazing, click the blue link and read the time stamps below the video and contact HeidiCrockett at gmail to get code to hear it): “I feel... Read More

Meaningful Life

Crockett recorded her workshop today on the TrueNorth Roku Channel. The title was “A Meaningful Life.” While technically today’s topic was the 8th Domain, this workshop walked the audience through a series of exercises. Feel free to do these now then listen to the last 20 minutes: Someone snapped a picture of Heidi after the lecture She had people describe a moment where life felt meaningful: The audience names how a meaningful... Read More

Power of the Group

I am on fire to encourage us to come together in one-time and ongoing groups. If you are new to my work as a teacher of neurobiology and counselor, please consider reading the 5 THEMES in a support group working on attachment listed at the above link. 4 x 4 is an opportunity to pick one memory to work on–see email pasted below that I send to people who join to learn more. Email me at HeidiCrockett at to participate in a... Read More

I Can Change! Announcing My New Book in 2021

I’m excited to announce that planned May 1st, 2021 will be the release of my new book, “I Can Change: The Ultimate Brain Fitness Workbook” which will accompany my 25+ hour 9 Domains of Integration Series.  Read More

SUPER POSITIVE REVIEWS about Crockett’s lecture on how to heal trauma and the brain:

VIDEO IS AT THE BOTTOM (Email HeidiCrockett at for the code for the lecture and the BONUS Q & A.) 1. I’ve watched your presentation at the embodiment conference.:– A huge thank you for what you do and the good that you bring to others.– I’ve watched some 50 presentations so far. All are good but yours has been so far the best.2. Hi, I wanted to say i really enjoyed your lecture. it was one of the best ones i’ve... Read More

In Times of Uncertainty and Grief

Below is an older and new blog post about the 8th domain of integration (the brain making sense of time, uncertainty, and mortality) and a link to a related video, just posted on my neuroscience YouTube blog. This post is inviting you to think about what painful experiences in your life have caused you to grow and the tools you learned from those experiences, then how those resources can help you now during the Coronavirus. The terminology of an... Read More

COVID resources homebound tips and more

Fantastic webinar contemplating the wider and deeper aspects of COVID19, useful and unique links at the bottom of the page, including how to have difficult conversations related to ventilator use: Updating this post with newest resources that I like, below has daily compassion group to check-in important for those who live alone: Some... Read More

Meditation MAPs Heidi recommends

I recommend TWO TYPES OF MEDITATION OR BRAIN FITNESS….the first brings you to a state of inner peace, the other is learning to strengthen your “mindsight muscle” (mindsight is like eyesight, but learning to see inside your mind and others minds). Clients often hear that I teach on the power of “thinking about thinking” and growing your middle prefrontal cortex, including how there are 9 functions and... Read More

Heidi’s Video Series on the Neuroscience of Awareness

See the below videos–to get updated on new videos hit the red “subscribe” button on my channel, by clicking here. Please click on my YouTube blog HERE as the below post is not being kept up to date! ​ 2 Minute introduction to the video series: I’ve been using neurobiology principles in my psychotherapy practice for years. In my personal life I have been interested in the intersection of... Read More