“I can hardly believe the amount of progress I have made over such a short time. I feel like a new man and it is thanks to the tools you have given me. Our sessions have been healing and empowering to me.” ML (This client stopped after 4 sessions because of his satisfaction with the progress he’d made and his confidence in his ability to do the things he’d initially been concerned about that might take a long time to address.)

“Your ‘Wizard vs Lizard Brain’ lecture blew me away. It was fabulous. Thank you, Heidi.” -UC (see blog post for more info, email Heidi for $20 purchase, extra–here is a link to a free 8 min questions and answer session after that class)


“Heidi helped me to transform when I was completely stuck. I had tried everything- traditional therapy, support groups, self-help books, eastern spiritual practices- and I still wasn’t getting the clarity or the healing that I needed to make much needed life changes. Heidi has taught me how to slow down and regulate my nervous system with gentleness and compassion towards myself. Her approach is creative, intelligent, and uniquely tailored to evolving needs. I got the shifts and brain changes that I needed through working with her, resulting in an overwhelming sense of freedom in my life. It is very apparent that she is in her element and an expert in her field. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and owe the success, peace, and confidence that I have in my life currently to our work together.” -LT

“I want to take a moment to thank you for everything. I feel like I am at a place where I can enjoy myself and embody so many of the things I’ve longed to and so much of that is thanks to you. I felt like as I progressed in sessions with you, it was really hard to gauge where I was at due to my familiar environment and now that I am in a new city where I do have that, I get to fully experience the fruits of our work together! You have such a gift, Heidi and the work we’ve done together transformed my life and I know I speak for many of the other people that get to work with you. It is so special the work you do.” -SW


“I want to thank you for working with me in December focusing on my ‘block’ against thinking about my health and, in particular, preparing for and being present in visits to my doctor. I had my annual physical yesterday. Your help in getting my ‘Wizard’ brain to see and be kind to and negotiate with the fears stored in my ‘Lizard’ brain helped me to adequately prepare for the visit and to be both attentive and assertive during the visit.
I went away with a much better feeling about my relationship with my doctor as a resource in helping me take responsibility for my health.
Your help really changed my life in this area! I am very grateful.” –


“In the area of the work you were helping me with… basically to release me from the decades long quicksand of  the sympathetic response…I feel much improved. You blasted me out of the concrete I was stuck in!” -PM


Client testimonial March 2021 (we did 2 sessions of really powerful trauma work) “I want to thank you so so much for all you do and for helping me be free from this heavy “Freakin Bull Sh**” I’ve been laughing around, you’ve an amazing gift and I’m so thankful you were able to share it with me.” –SB

Feedback about new talks:

See 33 Positive Reviews here this presentation.

“Great delivery of complex information.” PR

“Today was phenomenal. You are incredible.” LF

“Of all the presenters here, you’ve given me the most cutting-edge perspective.” JF

“Heidi, you are a masterful teacher with a healing presence.” JJ


Feedback on groups one-time 4 x 4 and on-going are possible, please consider joining:

“The 4 x 4 group is amazing.  I get so much from the dynamics of sharing in a safe space, feeling that I am being heard, and hearing others stories.  The tools that Heidi provides help me to grow and evolve.” –CA

“Thanks Heidi, the group was incredible.” RL

“Heidi’s facilitation of a group brings such an in depth understanding of the neurobiology of healing into a dynamic, creative, inspiring and deeply caring, intimate environment. Her uplifting energy and ability to be truly present is such a joy to be in relationship with.” -CC

“This is just wonderful and you are wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do these recordings. You put so much work and care into being with each one of us. I feel so cared for!!!!! What a delight to be with you and the others last night. Your work is really progressive and encompasses so many facets of healing. I feel joyful to be in your presence!” -CF

“I’ve found Heidi to be impressive in multiple dimensions. I’ve participated in a few of her group sessions and each time I have been surprised by the efficacy of her techniques. I’m already seeing substantial differences in how I interact with others, which I can sum up as “more confident” or “more relaxed” but which is really much more profound. I’m really grateful and would recommend Heidi to anyone who feels they are not able to live their fully expressed, authentic life – in fact I’ve already recommended her.” MF

“As for the positive benefits of group, I would say that it’s helped me become a better listener and a better supporter to people around me. I also feel connected to the women in our group…everyone’s been so nice, honest and smart and I feel very honored they can share their thoughts and stories with me. And most of all, I feel very grateful to learn from you and to receive the care you give in our class; the exercises we do are so fun and I’m astonished at how effective they are! This week I had an impromptu interview and I thought about everyone’s smiling faces and it just really put me at ease…so Thank you! Thank you!! ” -SL 


Feedback about the 9th Domain, (a science-based 60 minute guided meditation and a 2 hour finale going through all the domains):

“So much incredible information. WOW.” TF

I wanted to tell you the meditation today was phenomenal. Really profound, especially the experience of love in an ideal childhood.” -MM

“Your guided meditation this morning was for me, an extraordinary and powerful experience… opening new avenues of thought and being.” -DA


“I must say out of 61 days our sessions have been the best part of my stay at TrueNorth.” DJ


“I greatly enjoyed the memory integration part 2 where you worked with me through the boat memory.  It is less charged for me now.  I think of Wonder Woman and sunny skies.  It is a great feeling. Occasionally, the event pops up in my memory, but instead of feeling shame or disappointment, I think of the cheers from the other participants. I’m able to use the new memory and apply it to other challenging memories.” –AV

NOTE: The above comes from an audience member who volunteered in Crockett’s class teaching memory integration (Part 2).


Heidi is an incredibly skilled, attuned therapist that is prepared to hold the space for the most difficult, hurting parts of oneself so you can achieve integration and wellness. She is able to guide and work through states of mind with exercises that are backed by neuroscience while remaining attentive to clues of your inner state. The knowledge she holds is incredibly reassuring and she is ready to share it so you also feel empowered in your healing process. I feel very fortunate to be working with her! -SW


“I want to let you know how profoundly I appreciate the time you have dedicated to speaking. Specifically, I’d like you to know the effect of my one session with you during which we explored Memory Reconsolidation. While I have high praise for your level of professionalism and your easy and approachable personality, coupled with extremely positive energy, I feel the need to jump to the point: the one hour we spent working on memories (that have haunted me for a lifetime) was worth every dollar, ounce of energy, and separation from my beloved dog Ernie. It is amazing that my wish could come true…the wish to finally be set free, after years of therapy, residential programs, spiritual quests, and misery. I look forward to touching base with you in the near future to continue this process in order to keep me in the ‘good place’ where I now reside.Thank you is inadequate, but it is all I have.
Fondly, MA”

————–Side comment:

Click here to see a video where Heidi explains memory reconsolidation

(for a 30 second explanation go to min 4:35).


“I want to share my appreciation to you and say – It’s not just that you are outstanding but you have given me tools, resources and exercises and I felt really listened to and understood.” LS


Client gave Heidi this puzzle saying that she helps her to “see” who she really is inside

One client gave the gift of the above puzzle, saying that Heidi helped her to see her authentic, empowered self.


“I wanted to share how meeting with you has changed my life. Your knowledge, skill and wisdom along with your compassion will be with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to meeting with you, I have unlocked a path to my soul. Being able to reshift my thoughts about past experiences is a very powerful insight. Honoring those memories and inviting them into the present to craft not only a wedge but a true connection has brought me a new peace in my life that I had not experienced. With each new visit into my heart I am able to unlock a memory and begin anew. I am grateful. Thanks again” –GS


“Heidi is highly knowledgeable about neuroscience, non-violent communication and relationships. Through her skilled facilitation and counseling, she brought value to each participant. The knowledge I gained is already having a positive impact in my marriage, and I expect I will enjoy the benefits of the knowledge as I relate to myself and others in my life. I highly recommend her for couples’ counseling and workshops.” –CB


“I just finished a four hour workshop with Heidi Crockett on Peaceful Communication and it far exceeded my expectations. Heidi has the ability to take abstract concepts and bring them directly into whatever situation and issue you are working on. She is one of the most skilled people I have met at getting quickly to the core issue with a beautiful sense of empathy and compassion. Nothing feels uncomfortable to talk about in her presence. In dealing with an issue that I had been upset and confused about for the last four months, she gracefully guided me to a different understanding and possibility within 20 minutes. I now have a plan and a full-body sense of calm about it all. If you get a chance to attend a workshop of hers, do!  You will learn so much more than you thought you could.” -AB


“I’m so grateful that our paths crossed,” participant snapped this picture of Heidi at a 4 hour Peaceful Communication workshop


“Thank you so much for the work you do and for participating so actively. I am fascinated by your work, and enjoy your talks thoroughly.” -ES


“Your talk yesterday was amazing.  I’m a therapist as well and learned so much from you.  Your teaching style is so kind, knowledgeable, and inspiring!  I was touched by your opening comments that your first book was dedicated to your late husband.  If I was staying here longing I would have made an appointment with you. ” SG


“I so appreciate our session today. Sharing yourself and your wisdom with me has been a real gift and blessing. I look forward to learning more. My heart is jumping with glee!” TR

Jumping with Glee


Feedback on New Findings in Sexual Health lecture:

“Heidi your talk was so informative and eye opening. We are so grateful for you.  It was good really really good! Thank you for that great talk!” RL


Comment about “Peaceful Communication in a Difficult World” class:

“Thank you so much for these handouts and for the wonderful session yesterday.  Questions were raised toward the end about whether this approach could be workable with parents and children.  I would say a resounding yes, that is the very approach we used with our three children. “ GK