“Your talk yesterday was amazing.  I’m a therapist as well and learned so much from you.  Your teaching style is so kind, knowledgeable, and inspiring!  I was touched by your opening comments that your first book was dedicated to your late husband.  If I was staying here longing I would have made an appointment with you. ” SG


Feedback on New Findings in Sexual Health lecture:

“Heidi your talk was so informative and eye opening. We are so grateful for you.  It was good really really good! Thank you for that great talk!” RL


Comment about “Peaceful Communication in a Difficult World” class:

“Thank you so much for these handouts and for the wonderful session yesterday.  Questions were raised toward the end about whether this approach could be workable with parents and children.  I would say a resounding yes, that is the very approach we used with our three children. ” GK