Learn how to be your own neurosurgeon: change your brain using your mind.

The below video explains how to heal memories using memory reconsolidation. Note: You don’t have to understand any of this to experience an effective session where the charge from a memory goes away.


Crockett helps clients build resilience which happens through widening “windows of tolerance”:


Heidi’s focus is interpersonal neurobiology, which is listed as one modality that can complete effective memory reconsolidation per studies listed on this page.

Her services:

Crockett assists you in changing whatever issue(s) you’re facing. Her focus is “integration” and how the nervous system can become more regulated.  In addition, she has post-gradute training in sexual health and couples therapy from the University of Michigan and helps with intimacy/relationship issues.  


If you would like to make a counseling appointment, call her at 727-288-4117 to discuss, (a quick phone call is easier to describe her framework than what is stated on this website) or email:

HeidiCrockett at gmail.com


Here is a video (created at the request of her clients) where she is explaining nervous system handouts:

Heidi Crockett, LCSW, CHC, CMC, CSE, CST 

*Any nutritional coaching received is based on Ms. Crockett’s certification as a Health Coach through the AADP.  It is not a practice in dietetics.  

For more information on hiring Heidi for speaking engagements please click on this page.

For more information about her focus as a counselor click here. (She outlines some relational neuroscience basics, mentions Firestone’s separation theory, and various brain integration techniques).