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    Author of “Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue” and professional speaker on stress and the brain, Crockett wrote, “The Neuroscience of Dating,” a book about dating and good emotional health in relationships.

 For her sexual health website visit: (Crockett provides health education at a Lifestyle Medicine facility called “True North Health”).

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If you are looking for the 7 minute video meditation mentioned in Heidi’s “Meditations based on Neuroscience” Handout, click here for a video with an exercise to help rewire your brain.


Heidi offers health coaching and lecturing at  She is a relational neuroscience expert (also called interpersonal neurobiology or #IPNB). Her newest service is how her health coaching clients can order IMPORTANT LABS on their own for 50-80% the normal price, click here.

Some of her presentations include:

  • The YES Brain: An Introduction to Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • Exploring Our Inner Defense Mechanisms: The Fantasy Bond and Inner Critical Voice

  • New Findings in Sexual Health

  • The YES Brain in the Bedroom

Crockett takes her neuroscience knowledge (“The YES Brain”) and combines it with cutting edge research on sexual health (“The YES Brain in the Bedroom”).

sexual accelerator and brakes CHART

She also teaches techniques to help with a dysregulated nervous system and trauma including giving guided body meditations. She is fond of Brain Gym exercises and Dr. Peter Levine’s research on how animals resolve trauma in the wild. His idea is that trauma is stored in implicit memory, inside the body as a trauma pod with fear and immobility or fear and rage glued together with no differentiation whatsoever.


Crockett teaches the core interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) concept that we all exist on a spectrum from low integration to high integration and aim for the SWEET SPOT, (yellow blob below). 
sweet spot low integration to high integration IPNB SPECTRUM

If we have too much differentiation, we’re stuck in rigid apathy, or if we have too much linkage, we’re stuck in codependency, over-valuing others’ feelings. By linking too much, too soon, we ignore our own feelings and create a pattern of self-neglect in interpersonal relating. (In the below video, this “too much differentiation too much linkage”  explanation is at minute 4.) Watch the video to hear Crockett explain important IPNB basics to a new client. (If you are a new client, please consider watching this video prior to our first session.)

By embodying your past, present, and future, by using your autonoetic consciousness to practice narrative integration, memory integration, and state integration, you can collect back all of yourself and come together into one coherent whole with both high differentiation and high linkage, where the whole IS greater than the sum of the parts.

She also teaches WHY some of us seem to be able to achieve higher states of integration whereas others seem more stuck. She explains using Firestone’s Separation Theory and how we exist on a spectrum from inwardness (meaning highly defended) to outwardness.

Fantasy Bond ENTIRE THEORY explanation screen with SPECTRUM image added

**FREE inwardness to outwardness chart about the above defense mechanisms.


The Neuroscience of Dating

Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue

Questions about services? Reach out to her at HeidiCrockett at gmail dot com.


1.  Middlebury College graduate–BA Cum Laude

2.  Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate–160 hour program on nutrition (29 hours of college credit)

3.  Power of Breath Institute graduate–144 hour program on breathing exercises and mindfulness

4.  University of Georgia graduate–Master in Social Work

5. University of Michigan School of Social Work–Sexual Health Certificate Program, 195 hour program, Sexuality Educator and Sex Therapist tracks

For more information on her education and clinical training, please click her Linked In profile here:  Linked In Profile for Heidi Crockett

Professional Speaking:

Ms. Crockett presents on the general topic of “Stress and Sex,” click here for information on her professional speaking.

Some past presentations include: NAPGCM national conference, the NASW FL Annual Conference, Arden Courts—Tampa, Largo, Seminole, Saraasota (1.5 hr CEU program for healthcare professionals), Pasco FALA (Florida Assisted Living Association,) Pinellas chapter of the Florida Association of Directors of Nurse Administration, the Florida Health Care Social Worker’s Association Annual conference, the Caregiver Hour Radio show, and the Guardian Association of Pinellas County.


  • Named an Honoree, (Outstanding Graduate Student,) by the Dean of the University of Georgia’s Graduate School for the Presidential Honors Day Luncheon

  • Public Service Leadership Award,  Middlebury College

 Questions? Contact her at 

HeidiCrockett at

*LCSW–Licensed Clinical Social Worker

CMC–Care Manager Certified through NACCM

CHC–Certified Health Coach through AADP

CSE–Certified Sexuality Educator with

CST–Certified Sex Therapist with

Crockett is also a Licensed Massage Therapist [not currently practicing] with advanced training in orthopedic massage. Her knowledge only furthers her mind-body aproach.