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My background is in psychotherapy (mind) and massage therapy (body) and my expertise is in what is called relational neuroscience/interpersonal neurobiology (integrating the body and mind) and trauma (somatic experiencing framework). The following paragraph outlines the basic framework that I follow teaching about lizard brain vs wizard brain. Lizard brain is a term for the default mode network aka limbic regions–it is the part of thinking that pulls the finger away from the hot stove to prevent the finger from getting burned. 


The wizard brain is the prefrontal cortex and it would be thinking (if we put that part into words) “my finger is feeling hot so I am going to pull it away from the stove to prevent it from getting too badly burned”.  We don’t NEED our wizard brain in that instant we need our lizard brain to prevent the burn–both brain regions are IMPORTANT, what we want to learn to do better is to INTEGRATE them, meaning use them optimally depending on the circumstances. An individual would want to pause their lizard brain ideally and onboard their wizard brain (and if part of a couple or family, pause and onboard each other’s wizard brains,) we do this for better connection and communication, and this is what I teach.


Sometimes these two brain regions are referred to as the “FAST” and the “SLOW” systems. What we call them is less important than learning to distinguish between these two VERY DIFFERENT WAYS OF THINKING.


I have handouts that create a sort of “map” of when we are more in one zone or the other,(ask to see my “3 levels of ladder” SLIDE and cues of safety/cues of danger SLIDE).


I teach individuals and couples how to become aware of the wizard brain vs the lizard brain (SLIDE) and where they are on their ladder (doing this is called awareness of awareness and is a SKILL that needs to be learned, the Wizard brain/prefrontal cortex can be STRENGTHENED and that is what we do during our sessions). The CORE TEACHING around this is learning to notice cues of danger and cues of safety.

My clients like these two course classes of mine 1. wizard vs liazrd brain class and 2. Fear modulation: Learning to from critical voice to kind voice–this blog post explains the classes and has links to obtain.

All this would be covered in better detail in the first session. Click here on this page to see the 5 SLIDES referenced above.)

(I have a $20 paid 75 min class that reviews in detail the two brain regions and how to strengthen the wizard brain FYI, email [email protected] to purchase)

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———————————————————— DESCRIPTION ABOUT ME:

Welcome! From the Embodiment Conference, my video click here and watch a few minutes (one example, start at min 37). This is one of my most popular lecture’s on  trauma and the brain. **NOTE: You’ll need the code, send me an email me at HeidiCrockett at

(FYI–Here is the original lecture description)


To begin, I want to share what is unique about me as a practitioner. (Licensed psychotherapist, AASECT certification in sex therapy, Somatic Experiencing® trauma modality focus.)  I understand (neuro)science and can explain why whatever we’re doing in a session works. I also know that not everyone wants to see a counselor regularly, (of course some do,) so consider seeing me for one session only or two sessions. I can give focused results and am committed to your growth whatever that looks like. I frequently teach and consult with organizations. I love answering questions, so email me and I can direct you to various resources on my site. Okay, so besides science, my other guiding principle is kindness (as that is what wires the brain up optimally). In order to teach the nervous system to EXTRA prioritize kindness (did I mention that kindness optimizes the functioning of your brain?) I often mention terms like growing a preference for cues of safety (glimmers) vs. cues of danger (triggers,) strengthening the Soothing System (care) and growing the compassionate other.


The SCIENCE IS CLEAR how to unlock your brain and transform your past. I am committed to teaching the skills needed. The latest science combined with kindness equals maximal growth. 


I have an educational blog on the neuroscience of awareness. I chat about how to become more INTEGRATED which means growing our “mindsight,” (a term that is like “eyesight,” but is about strengthening the mind’s capacity for insight–making a mindmap of me–and empathy–making a mindmap of you).  To be updated with new video uploads click here and click the red subscribe button on far right.


Crockett is a professional speaker and teacher. Her most comprehensive courses are her 50 hours of teaching on the 9 Levels (Domains) and 9 Functions of Wizard Brain (Prefrontal Cortex) Series #1 #2 and #3: covering Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Higher Reasoning vs Stuck Thinking and the Neurobiology of Compassion and No Drama Discipline for Parents/Teachers are popular classes, also New Findings in Sexual Health, these all teach core concepts about wiring up your brain and body for optimal living and relating!


She is the author of two neurobiology workbooks. The first, written in memory of her husband, is on optimal mental health: “Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue,” the second is on optimal emotional health: “The Neuroscience of Dating” to screen people for their level of emotional intelligence. For more information see

If you’ve attended a lecture by Crockett, you may like her educational videos for purchase, for details click here


For Dr. Josh Helman’s website including supplements to take for detoxification visit:



Heidi is a licensed psychotherapist with a focus on Brain Fitness (Interpersonal Neurobiology) and Memory Reconsolidation.

Memory Reconsolidation helps a person’s mind become unstuck so that they can more quickly and consistently achieve goals. See video explanation below. It is the single most important aspect of her services. She has a new class explaining the “recipe” to create change through Memory Reconsolidation (see pink text later on the page).


She professionally speaks nationally and lectures regularly at

Examples of presentations include:

  • The YES Brain: An Introduction to Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • Exploring Our Inner Defense Mechanisms: The Fantasy Bond and Inner Critical Voice

  • New Findings in Sexual Health

  • The YES Brain in the Bedroom


If you are interested in labs for 50-80% off the normal price, click here (scroll to the bottom) for more information.


Crockett works with clients to track their nervous system arousal (called “emotional intensity”) and links this neuroscience knowledge to emotional intimacy. The idea is if we understand how to decrease stress, this helps increase pleasure.

For her sexual health website visit: 

sexual accelerator and brakes CHART


Crockett teaches the core interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) concept that we all exist on a spectrum from low integration to high integration 


She teaches how we aim for the SWEET SPOT, (yellow blob below).  
sweet spot low integration to high integration IPNB SPECTRUM


If we have too much differentiation, we’re stuck in rigid apathy, or if we have too much linkage, we’re stuck in codependency, over-valuing others’ feelings. 


She also teaches WHY some of us seem to be able to achieve higher states of integration whereas others seem more stuck. She explains using Firestone’s Theory. See the following “Destructive Critical Voice” video for an introduction:


Crockett’s new class teaching about memory and self-transformation:


Memory Reconsolidation video (starts you at min 4 to see exact definition):


For more academic folks:

Here’s a 2020 research article on Memory Reconsolidation 

Heidi’s focus is interpersonal neurobiology, which is listed as one modality that can complete effective memory reconsolidation per studies listed on this page.


Read testimonial near the top of the page here for an example of the effects of Memory Reconsolidation.



The Neuroscience of Dating

Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue

Questions about services? Reach out to her at HeidiCrockett at gmail dot com.


1.  Middlebury College graduate–BA Cum Laude

2.  Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate–160 hour program on nutrition (29 hours of college credit)

3.  Power of Breath Institute graduate–144 hour program on breathing exercises and mindfulness

4.  University of Georgia graduate–Master in Social Work

5. University of Michigan School of Social Work–Sexual Health Certificate Program, 195 hour program, Sexuality Educator and Sex Therapist tracks

6. She is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ® (SEP) through The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

7. AASECT-certified as a sexuality educator and sex therapist (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists,

For more information on her education and clinical training, please click her Linked In profile here:  Linked In Profile for Heidi Crockett

Professional Speaking:

Ms. Crockett presents on the general topic of “Stress and Sex,” click here for information on her professional speaking.

Some past presentations include: NAPGCM national conference, the NASW FL Annual Conference, Arden Courts—Tampa, Largo, Seminole, Saraasota (1.5 hr CEU program for healthcare professionals), Pasco FALA (Florida Assisted Living Association,) Pinellas chapter of the Florida Association of Directors of Nurse Administration, the Florida Health Care Social Worker’s Association Annual conference, the Caregiver Hour Radio show, and the Guardian Association of Pinellas County.


  • Named an Honoree, (Outstanding Graduate Student,) by the Dean of the University of Georgia’s Graduate School for the Presidential Honors Day Luncheon
  • Public Service Leadership Award,  Middlebury College

 Questions? Contact her at 

HeidiCrockett at

*LCSW–Licensed Clinical Social Worker

CMC–Care Manager Certified through NACCM

CHC–Certified Health Coach through AADP

CSE–Certified Sexuality Educator with

CST–Certified Sex Therapist with

SEP–Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ® (SEP) through The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Crockett is also a Licensed Massage Therapist [not currently practicing] with advanced training in orthopedic massage, (she has over 1000 hours of training!) Her knowledge only furthers her mind-body approach.

In addition, she has that Power of Breath Institute training in mindfulness and breath awareness which further informs here mind-body approach looking at tracking the clients’ nervous system.