COME JOIN the lively intellectual discussion on my upcoming “Tea Time Science Chats” every other Thursday, here are the attached details** 

THE FINALE SCIENCE CHAT IS TOMORROW, JULY 22nd, announcement with slides click here to see more

Testimonial from July 8th event (which was amazing, click the blue link and read the time stamps below the video and contact HeidiCrockett at gmail to get code to hear it):

“I feel really grateful for having had the chance to attend your session about healthy relationships and attachment today. I feel sooooo happy, calm, connected , soothed after listening to you and sharing with other people. One feels one is not alone having gone through the same situations!!!” – MC

Testimonials from the first March 25th event:

“Heidi it was a nice meeting and to share with other people is just something that is so needed.” –ZT

“I  really enjoyed the tea time. It was a lot of fun and nice to hear the shares. I think you are on to something.” –RB

Testimonial from June 3rd event:

“Thank you so much for today’s class. It was really helpful 🙂 It was just what I needed. It also reaffirmed journaling for me as something to do more of and being kind to myself and picking up skills in communicating as a means to overcome freeze responses.”


1. April 8th Thurs 10am PST–How We Calm Stress (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 2nd Domain Bilateral Hemispheric Integration)

2. April 22nd Thurs 10am PST–Fear of Success/Death Anxiety (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 8th Domain Time Integration, see also meaningful life blog post) below is 5 minute introduction video, to see more about the event click here for the recording and read the description under the video.

3. May 6th Thurs 10am PST–Befriending Your Critical Voice (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 3rd Domain or this class explaining the default mode network)

 To learn about the critical voice before this event #1 see her YouTube blog video:

#2 read about it as one of two defense mechanisms in this blog post explaining Firestone’s Separation Theory:

Book recommendation: Overcoming the Destructive Inner Voice by Firestone

4. May 20th ” How To Transform A Bad Memory ” covering the 4th Domain check out the recording (look at the time stamps underneath)

To learn more about Heidi and the science of memory change

#1 visit and read the pink writing on the page.

#2 This $25 class explains the science of memory change for a lay person and includes a demonstration with explanation: (click the link to see useful slides)

#3 This more detailed and academic $39 class explains explains memory change and also has a demonstration with explanation: (click the link to see useful slides)

5. June 3rd “Story vs Storyteller” on the 5th Domain (come share your story and see why how your tell you story makes all the difference for the world and your brain). The recording of this event was excellent! Look at the time stamps below the video.

6. June 24thCoherence & Cohesion Among States of Mind (clicking that link will take you to the recording where you can read the time stamps below the video to get a better idea of class content)” on the 6th Domain

7. July 8th “Best Relationship Possible (clicking that link will take you to the recording where you can read the time stamps below the video to get a better idea of class content)” on the 7th Domain and attachment

8. July 22nd “Best Version of Yourself” on the 9th Domain (integrating all the 8 Domains and becoming a superhero 🙂

….email me at HeidiCrockett at to get the zoom links!

For those who want more information you can click on the following announcement

June 24th event

March 25th event here (and NOTE you can email me to be put on the announcement list)

here is the April 22nd announcement

[PS. I have this 1st event recorded here if you want to see it reply, it was a deep discussion about awareness and how “awareness of awareness” (God or unconditional love) can be communicated from one person’s subjective awareness to another’s ears using #IPNB neuroscience model,

the 2nd event is recorded here on calming stress by visiting each hemisphere

the 3rd event (excellent, see writing under the video) is here, email HeidiCrockett at gmail for the codes–if you attended live and donated you get access to the code to review the material with time stamps]

**Events are free,  although $5 – 20 donation available at (paypal “donate” button on the right side bar)

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