FINALE CLASS Celebrating two years of nonstop teaching on interpersonal neurobiology!

This Thursday we’ll celebrate two years of IPNB teaching by review the 9 Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex (Wizard Brain).

Email HeidiCrockett at gmail dot com to get access to the class which will go over all 9 functions AND celebrate the 50 hours of teaching: Click Link Here and scroll to the very bottom of the page to EASILY see the 3 #IPNB series completed these last two years.

Heidi will talk about the wizard brain skill of fear modulation (fear extinction).

Unlearning fear isn’t simply a brain function, but a soul searching task. This 90 minute FINALE will walk the listener through attunement, intuition, empathy, insight, and more. The series has sought to move from simple science definitions (i.e. intuition is a nonlogical knowing that emerges from the body,) into embodied explanations, (one audience member defined intuition as “bringing to light” and shared themes emerged each class. (One example on the intuition class was how four audience members stated when they didn’t listen to their intuition they felt their quality of life went down.) These shared themes linked to other earlier themes like in the morality class:

A matching theme was neurobiology’s definition of spirituality as a life of meaning and connection. The hour-long class discussed philosophy, ethics, and morality, and ideas about what living a meaningful life (having the wizard brain function of “morality,”) would look and feel like. A key theme in that class was how describing one’s experience of a spiritual moment was drastically different than giving a definition of ethics or morality. The audience consensus is that sharing experiences of meaningful and spiritual awakenings was more enjoyable as opposed to simple naming a definition of something like one’s ethics, etc.

This FINALE will review all 9 functions including the EXCELLENT CLASS on emotional balance. Heidi thinks this class is the best one to watch out of the whole series to get an overview of interpersonal neurobiology (relational neuroscience,) without adding any unnecessary technical jargon.

The whole series is for purchase for $99 and will be 11 videos totaling 8 hours of teaching. See very bottom of the page Series 3: $99 Wizard Brain Series Covering 9 Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex!

Check out the Mindsight Institute for more classes on the wizard brain (to have a wizard brain is to have the skill of “mindsight”)

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