Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

This 75 minute class explains in detail Dr Robert Firestone’s Separation Theory (cost $20). His theory is fascinating, what he developed over 40+ years living in a community, (in his book, “the Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships**,” he calls it the “friendship circle,” it’s somewhere in California.) He watched as his close friends intended to become more self-aware and encountered what Firestone describes as... Read More

Science Chat Video on the SQUID

The above is a 5 MINUTE INTRODUCTION for the recent science chat on how our LIZARD BRAIN can turn us into our own worst enemy! You are invited to attend the next science chat on May 6th on the critical voice, read here for more information about the “Tea Time Science Chats.” If you enjoyed the above video, consider clicking this link the FULL 1 HOUR RECORDING and read the writing underneath the video to see more details... Read More

PAID CLASS Firestone’s Defense Mechanisms OFFICIAL CLASS

75 min class–if you are familiar with the relational neuroscience framework that Crockett teaches, then you’ll know we all exist on a spectrum from low integration to high integration. (No prior knowledge is needed to watch this class, this is explained in the class.) This class is a fascinating theory from a famous psychiatrist who has lived 40+ years in a community observing “What mechanisms inside us prevent us from being able to... Read More

Firestone’s Defense Mechanisms: The Fantasy Bond and Inner Critical Voice

Here is a 30 second video to explain the spectrum from highly defended or inward behaviors to a healthy social engagement system, (what Firestone calls “the Ethical Personality.”) This class explains WHY people are more highly defended, it explains the two defense mechanisms that contribute to this and typical behaviors and worldview. Below are slides from the presentation, contact HeidiCrocket at for payment: This... Read More