Science Chat Video on the SQUID

The above is a 5 MINUTE INTRODUCTION for the recent science chat on how our LIZARD BRAIN can turn us into our own worst enemy! You are invited to attend the next science chat on May 6th on the critical voice, read here for more information about the “Tea Time Science Chats.”

If you enjoyed the above video, consider clicking this link the FULL 1 HOUR RECORDING and read the writing underneath the video to see more details (email HeidiCrockett at gmail to get access to the recording).

To see 2 more short educational videos from Heidi’s “science chat” events click here:

Upcoming events:

To learn more about the “critical voice” (1 of 2 defense mechanisms that make up the squid)

#1 see her YouTube blog video:

#2 Want to know more? Read about the SQUID (the two defense mechanisms) in this blog post explaining Firestone’s Separation Theory (see the slides):

#3 Book recommendation: Overcoming the Destructive Inner Voice by Firestone

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