COME JOIN the lively intellectual discussion on my upcoming “Tea Time Science Chats” every other Thursday, here are the attached details** 

Testimonials from the first March 25th event:

“Heidi it was a nice meeting and to share with other people is just something that is so needed.” –ZT

“I  really enjoyed the tea time. It was a lot of fun and nice to hear the shares. I think you are on to something.” –RB


1. April 8th Thurs 10am PST–How We Calm Stress (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 2nd Domain Bilateral Hemispheric Integration)

2. April 22nd Thurs 10am PST–Fear of Success/Death Anxiety (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 8th Domain Time Integration, see also meaningful life blog post)

3. May 6th Thurs 10am PST–Befriending Your Critical Voice (Casual discussion on the formal topic of the 3rd Domain or this class explaining the default mode network)

These will continue 4. May 20th, 5. June 3rd, 6. June 17th, 7. July 1st, onward….email me at HeidiCrockett at to get the zoom links!

For those who want more information you can click on the following announcement pre-March 25th event here (and NOTE you can email me to be put on the announcement list)

(PS. I have this 1st event recorded here if you want to see it reply, it was a deep discussion about awareness and how “awareness of awareness” [God or unconditional love] can be communicated from one person’s subjective awareness to another’s ears using #IPNB neuroscience model)

**Events are free,  although $5 – 20 donation available at (paypal “donate” button on the right side bar)

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