2nd Domain Part 2

There was so much material to cover instead of the second class being more on-the-spot interactions, Crockett decided to add details on the different hemispheres and share case studies of when they are impaired. Here are the sections for Part 2 (the 2nd class on Bilateral Integration). Newly arrived here? Don’t forget to see some of her slides from last week by clicking here: Part 1. And if curious about her series, see her previous... Read More

2nd Domain: Bilateral Hemispheric Integration

Peace, creativity, and logic are the gifts arising from the 2nd Domain. Crockett’s official class explaining how the left and right hemipheres can work together optimally. Click here to see last week’s lecture “1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness” details. Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com for payment. Be sure to click here to see the slides and video for Part 2, (the rest of the post is from Part... Read More

The 1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness

Presence is the portal through which integration happens. ——————————————————————————————————————- Announcement: Crockett is doing a weekly series going through all 9 Domains of Integration, join in! NOTE: Thursday,... Read More

Self-Transformation Part 2

Crockett expands from her original class: https://greenlightheidi.com/2020/04/paid-class-self-transformation/ She begins outlining the 5 S’s that frame her approach teaching interpersonal neurobiology during the Coronavirus. (This 5 S’s was first introduced in April by Dr. Dan Siegel and the Mindsight Institute in a video conference of 25,000 attendees. The 5 S’s are a starting point to then enter into dialogues... Read More

PAID CLASS Self-Transformation

Old System New System Safety–Social Engagement Danger–Sympathetic Life-Threat–Dorsal Vagus Collapse This part of the lecture is difficult to summarize with slides because the discussion goes into what memory is and what science shows we can do to get rid of the charge in certain memories… Some of the ingredients needed to bake a cake of self-transformation,... Read More

PAID CLASS No Drama Discipline

Crockett explains why 1.WHAT we choose to teach our kids is important, as well as the 2. HOW we go about teaching. This quote personifies the whole concept, (the “how” is about connecting to your child and saying yes to feelings): Crockett outlines her favorite core teachings from the book, “No Drama Discipline,” starting with the premise of the book: CONNECT then REDIRECT. After connecting,... Read More

Guided light meditation to promote healing

Please enjoy this healing meditation from Alicja Heyda, PhD.  Read More

Lovefood heals

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PAID CLASS Improved Immunity and Stress Reduction

The class begins with 4 exercises to improve mood and immunity. Each is carefully chosen from neuroscience research. Click to see FREE preview as the class is here on Udemy. Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com she will give you a coupon code! ——————————————————————————————————— Next,... Read More

PAID CLASS Neurobiology of Compassion

The lecture is divided into: It answers questions like, “What is compassion? Why is it important?” “What happens in my brain when I make a compassionate choice?” While this class focuses on the science of compassion, it mentions how compassion links into the relational neuroscience framework (that when people have more compassion, research shows them to have higher states of integration). Crockett... Read More