Self-Transformation Part 2

Crockett expands from her original class:

She begins outlining the 5 S’s that frame her approach teaching interpersonal neurobiology during the Coronavirus.

(This 5 S’s was first introduced in April by Dr. Dan Siegel and the Mindsight Institute in a video conference of 25,000 attendees. The 5 S’s are a starting point to then enter into dialogues like how Covid-19 personally and collectively impacts us.)

Next is a demonstration for tools to increase resilience in the face of the fears that arise from living during a pandemic. One attendee shares her recent experience of waking in fear that she may be infected. Crockett walks through examples and explanations of how to resource a nervous system so that it can become more resilient.

The last 20 minutes includes Crockett explaining using select slides from the “2020 New Information about your Nervous System and Memory” PowerPoint.

She explains watching for cues of safety and danger giving current examples from the Coronavirus like when going out grocery store shopping.

She especially encourages listeners to avoid going into dorsal vagus collapse and how this happens…

The heart of this talk is explaining her intention to demonstrate memory reconsolidation and confirming at the end with the two participants if their experiences matched what the research shows about what causes a change in the charge of a bad memory. Both of them state a successful shift and briefly reflect at the end their current state.

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