What is Interpersonal Neurobiology used for?

IPNB or Interpersonal Neurobiology is the brainchild of Allan Schore and Dan Siegel. The concept of IPNB is based on the foundation of continuous growth of the brain. The technique of IPNB is used to stimulate the brain with positive and powerful persuasion to heal trauma. According to a recently published book called interpersonal neurobiology of play, this conceptcan help transform conditions which were once known to be permanent. Essentially... Read More

Understanding the Application & Importance of Interpersonal Neurobiology

If ever there was a way to understand how our brain’s physical features & chemical interactions with the surrounding environment and emotions wouldn’t you want to learn more about it? Whether you wish to be trained in a rather chemical/biological direction or more of a sociological/psychological direction, there is an interdisciplinary aspect that can help you work out the human relationships and interactions. This aspect is known as... Read More

Weight Loss Resources

Just as an olympic athlete doesn’t win gold without a coach, changing lifestyle and eating habits is very hard without someone supporting you.  I’m happy to support you as most of my clients are phone clients. One goal is to aim to “eat at 600 or lower on the calorie density scale” 90% of the time [Calorie density is different than counting calories–see video here for more information] This is also referred to... Read More

PAID CLASS Improved Immunity and Stress Reduction

The class begins with 4 exercises to improve mood and immunity. Each is carefully chosen from neuroscience research. Click to see FREE preview as the class is here on Udemy. Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com she will give you a coupon code! ——————————————————————————————————— Next,... Read More

Powerful Brain Transformation Exercise

I recommend doing diaphragmatic breathing for 5 or 10 minutes first before doing the exercise described in the following video, especially the last two minutes of the video. There is a description of this exercise in Dr. Peter Levine’s book, “Freedom from Pain,” (but in the CD that comes with that book, the following exercise is not included in that CD). Crockett describes what Levine calls “pendulation” in the above... Read More

Caregiver Stress and Neuroscience of Dating books by Heidi Crockett

CAREGIVER STRESS Click here to buy the book: Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue If you want to hear a little bit about the book, here’s a radio interview where Heidi defines neurobiology (minute 1:15) and brain integration (minute 2:40):                     ————————-BELOW IS CROCKETT’s NEWEST BOOK ON RELATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE————————————- “The... Read More

Not Your Usual Cup of Tea

Beware of toxins in brand name teas   Research is coming out showing that non-organic, big brand name teas contain toxins that far outweigh any benefits from drinking tea.  The short advice is to buy high quality, organic teas especially ones like from local stores such as Hooker Tea in downtown St Petersburg: http://www.infusedteaco.com/   See these articles for more information: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2005/02/09/fluoride-tea.aspx   Tea   Fluoride... Read More

Low Cost Acupunture

If you have never tried acupuncture, consider finding a local community acupuncture clinic as they can be lower cost than paying an acupuncturist, typically charging a sliding scale fee $15 – $35   Local options are the St. Pete Community Acupuncture Clinic or the Largo Community Acupuncture Clinic  Read More

Endometriosis–the long-awaited answers

**Before you read this post, I want to say that I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose or treat illness.  Everything that I write here is free information about what I have done to help my body to heal. *****2019 addition: it ends up that I had a rare version of a rare congenital back condition called Bertolotti’s Syndrome and probably most of my pain was from the back condition which was operated on in 2017. It explains why the doctor who... Read More

5 Best EXERCISES from Research

http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/5-of-the-best-exercises-you-can-ever-do   I’ve fallen in love with swimming the last few years, I guess I’ve chosen a good sport.  Try to find a salt-water pool (good luck) at a gym near you, those are so lovely you’ll never go back to chlorine.  Read More