Powerful Brain Transformation Exercise

I recommend doing diaphragmatic breathing for 5 or 10 minutes first before doing the exercise described in the following video, especially the last two minutes of the video. There is a description of this exercise in Dr. Peter Levine’s book, “Freedom from Pain,” (but in the CD that comes with that book, the following exercise is not included in that CD). Crockett describes what Levine calls “pendulation” in the above... Read More

Hilarious Video of Laughter Yoga

Watch this for a laugh.  If you can, DO THE EXERCISES, while you watch, and you’ll laugh even more.  Click here for: 5 Minute YouTube Video where I teach just the LAUGHTER YOGA section to the social work students at the University of Georgia   For the entire 25 minute podcast recording of  a talk that I gave titled “Mindfulness: the Missing Link” Click this link: Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness Lecture (Then scroll down and... Read More