Play Therapy and Its Importance in the Healing Process

Play therapy is an effective technique to help children open-up and heal from trauma. It can help them in treating mental illness and emotional issues. Children find it easier to express themselves with games and play. Instead of using the conventional method, play method is used to help kids who have difficulties expressing themselves. The interpersonal neurobiology of play is based on the play therapy. Interpersonal neurobiology brings... Read More

What is Interpersonal Neurobiology used for?

IPNB or Interpersonal Neurobiology is the brainchild of Allan Schore and Dan Siegel. The concept of IPNB is based on the foundation of continuous growth of the brain. The technique of IPNB is used to stimulate the brain with positive and powerful persuasion to heal trauma. According to a recently published book called interpersonal neurobiology of play, this conceptcan help transform conditions which were once known to be permanent. Essentially... Read More

Understanding the Application & Importance of Interpersonal Neurobiology

If ever there was a way to understand how our brain’s physical features & chemical interactions with the surrounding environment and emotions wouldn’t you want to learn more about it? Whether you wish to be trained in a rather chemical/biological direction or more of a sociological/psychological direction, there is an interdisciplinary aspect that can help you work out the human relationships and interactions. This aspect is known as... Read More

How the enlightenment transmission enlivens my soul

UPDATE FROM ORIGINAL POST: Dave also posted a YouTube video here (for the first time) so you can see him as he speaks. ————– I wrote two blog posts on enlightenment teacher Dave Oshana a few years ago but nothing recent. I find my tendency is to avoid it because the experience is…difficult to word. Difficulty finding words or labels reminds me of a quote from Eckard Tolle: “the next step in human consciousness... Read More

Update: Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana Post 2

I want to write more about my experience with Dave.  (I highly recommend that you read my first post about my experiences with Dave before reading this one.) I feel like there are certain moments in life that go beyond logic and words to describe.  Still, saying something is “beyond words” limits my capacity to communicate about it, (such as on this blog,) so I am going to attempt, even though this is difficult for me.   The Difference... Read More

Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana

I’ve decided to write a bit about my experience with spiritual enlightenment teacher, Dave Oshana.    Firstly, I consider the topic of one’s spirituality a personal subject.  At the same time, everyone needs guidance from someone, that’s why we all (ideally) had parents when we were younger.  The same is true in the area of spirituality/religion.  I feel like if I write about my experiences with Dave, it could help those who are seeking... Read More

Gratitude to Beautiful Voice of SnatamKaur

I’ve had MANY friends hear SNATAM KAUR’s music playing in my office and ask me, WHO IS IT?  If you click here on her website–different CDs play of her music. My favorite all time CD is Anand (click here to hear it) (but I’d buy it directly from  which you won’t go wrong purchasing it as it’s great relaxation music to listen to while taking a long bath or relaxing on the couch.    Read More

Tool for Forgiveness

There is a loving-kindess/metta meditation known as “Ton Glen,” and I found a good guided one on this website:   This is a wonderful 10 minute exercise.   Think of someone that you want to send loving-kindness.  I recommend choosing someone/a situation where it is painful for you to think about him/her/it.   You might find, over time, that in sending kindness, you inadvertently... Read More