Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana

I’ve decided to write a bit about my experience with spiritual enlightenment teacher, Dave Oshana. 


Firstly, I consider the topic of one’s spirituality a personal subject.  At the same time, everyone needs guidance from someone, that’s why we all (ideally) had parents when we were younger.  The same is true in the area of spirituality/religion.  I feel like if I write about my experiences with Dave, it could help those who are seeking spiritual information and guidance.  My intention in writing this therefore, is that those people who are interested have the opportunity to learn about the priceless help that is available to them through Dave.


Whenever I’m speaking with a close friend and the subject of Dave Oshana first comes up, it usually goes something like: 

Me: (All excited about my summer plans after finishing graduate school in May.) Yeah, then in July, I’m going to Finland to see my spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana.


Friend: Really?  What’s he like?

Me: Oh Dave, Dave is enlightened.  (Making eye-contact with Friend.)  Although…I know no one really knows what that word means, (“enlightened,”) I mean, I don’t know what it means exactly, not really.  It’s HILARIOUS.  I remember the first time I emailed Dave, I was like, ‘tee hee, I’m emailing someone who’s enlightened,’ and that thought alone seemed absolutely hilarious and mind-blowing to me.


Friend: How do you know he’s enlightened?


Me: Dave is the REAL DEAL.  (I talk about the strange resistance that seems to come up for people in thinking about contacting or listening to him for the first time and how I don’t understand why hundreds or thousands of people aren’t talking with him for what he has to offer.  I mention how it took almost two years of Maryanna mentioning Dave occasionally before I ‘heard’ what she was saying and actually listened to one of Dave’s bookable replays.)  I remember the exact time when Maryanna told me about Dave, it was three months after Roger (my husband) died.  I was doing counseling with Maryanna and she said to me, ‘Heidi, I REALLY think Dave would help you.’  And it was like a light bulb went off in my head. BING! And I was truly interested in knowing more about him for the first time.  At that time, Maryanna had told me that he was about to give a retreat.  I decided to attend his four-day intensive.  It changed my life, like all four opportunities that I have had to do an ‘intensive’ with him.


Friend: What’s it like when you’re at a retreat with him?


Me:  It’s the most incredible experience I’ve ever had, being there it’s like I’m in a dream.  (I pause.)  I don’t know, it’s really hard to explain…. I feel intensely alive.  I feel powerful love.  Especially near the end of the retreat, I ache to give whatever gifts that I have to better the world.  See, Dave works with a small number of people.  He WANTS someone to become enlightened like him.  This theme returns again and again at retreat and in his classes.  He believes that all people are capable of becoming enlightened, that he just went ‘all the way’ whereas we are on our journeys to get there.  (This is an oversimplification of  a complex subject.) He doesn’t currently have any book that he’s written because ‘the transmission’ (that’s what he calls the enlightenment energy that comes through him) changes so fluidly…what he says depends on who is asking the question/who the audience is when he’s speaking.  Dave is clear that it is not so much the words that he speaks, but the energy behind the words that’s important.  This is why for anyone interested in knowing more about him, I encourage them to visit his website, to pick a bookable replay and listen to it, paying more attention  to how they feel while they listen (and after) than overly analyzing the meaning of his words.


Here’s a free audio class where you can listen and get a sense of the energy behind his teaching:



It is out of my spiritual gratitude that I write about Dave and the many blessings that I have received. 

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