Update: Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana Post 2

I want to write more about my experience with Dave.  (I highly recommend that you read my first post about my experiences with Dave before reading this one.)

I feel like there are certain moments in life that go beyond logic and words to describe.  Still, saying something is “beyond words” limits my capacity to communicate about it, (such as on this blog,) so I am going to attempt, even though this is difficult for me.


The Difference Between Dave and A Meditation Practice/Group

Meditation is an important activity, (I write about the science why in this post here: “Meditation is Brain Floss“).  Learning how to focus the mind, feeling the body breath itself, and noticing the different mental states that come as a result of a consistent meditation practice are invaluable.  Finding a meditation group that supports a routine of meditation is also very valuable.  STILL, these activities are not the same as what I get out of listening to Dave’s online class on Sundays and from one-on-ones and retreats with Dave.

I receive a unique, positive, energetic influence as a result of having contact with Dave, (Dave calls this energy the “transmission,” see my last post for more on this.)  Note: I notice a greater sense of ease after a meditation practice, just like I notice an improved feeling in my body after running for exercise.  Nevertheless, this greater sense of ease/improved feeling after exercise is not the same as the energetic experience that I receive through having contact with Dave.  In my personal experience, over the three years that I have known Dave, I have seen a gradual lifting up of my experience of reality where I am more peaceful and create less drama (unconsciously) in my life.    This doesn’t mean that I don’t experience unease and drama in moments, I am sharing that it happens less often and I seem to relax behind it more often.  I also have a greater awareness of my energy and other people’s energies.  Writing more about this would require another blog post.

Another experience that I have with life since having regular contact with Dave is an ever-increasing sense of serendipity.  As you all know about my GreenLightHeidi blog, some clients come to me with autoimmune disease because of my healing from Lyme Disease.  Just the other day, I went to a “Blind Date night” event at a nursing home for my social work job.  At first they did not have my name on the list, even though I had RSVP’d, then after waiting 15 minutes I “randomly” was sat next to a man who late into the conversation mentioned that he had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  He was incredulous that I’d heard of “IV vitamins” and said that he’d been “praying to God to get answers about CFS.”  Apparently he has recently found a holistic doctor who recommended IV vitamins and I told him that when I had Lyme Disease, (another autoimmune illness,) that I felt like IV vitamins were an important component of my recovery. 

In telling the above story, my intention is to show one example of how I feel a sense of serendipity now…how I feel that I am meeting the people that I need to meet and that I am spending my time doing what I need to be doing, and that this is happening now, more than ever.  And between you and me, my most recent goal in life is to get out of my own way.  If I can just do that, and not engage in any behavior or activity that slows down the best use of my time, every minute of my day, that is my prayer for now.  Our time is so very precious and valuable, I want to use mine in the most meaningful ways possible.

I hope what I have written has been helpful for those wanting to know more about Dave Oshana.  I am happy to answer any questions that you have.  What I love about him, as well, is that he is very down-to-earth.  He has a wonderful family.  From my perspective as a social worker, I would say that he encourages an ethical lifestyle in his teachings and that he walks his talk.


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