How to Regulate Emotional Phases through Domains of Integration

Dan siegel interpersonal neurobiology has brought about a 360-degree turn in the way professionals used to facilitate the healing process in humans. Thanks to the scholar! Now there’s an enhanced and better approach to severe mental health conditions such as trauma, depression, etc. Interpersonal neurobiology stresses the importance of building healthy relationships with your surroundings to have a healthy mind.  Backed by clinical evidence,... Read More

Enlisting the Power of Interpersonal Neurobiology

Interpersonal neurobiology is a relatively new field of study that provides important insights into the workings of the human mind. This branch of psychology is concerned with how the brain and nervous system interact to produce our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. INB is based on the idea that the brain is a social organ. This means that our interactions with others shape our thoughts and emotions. One of the key goals of interpersonal neurobiology... Read More