2 Core Classes: Wizard vs Lizard Brain Class and Fear Modulation Learning to go from critical voice to kind voice

There are two classes that my clients tend to purchase first, this page explains more about them. 1. Wizard Brain vs Lizard Brain is a 60 minute class divided into 3 sections, cost $20 I will paste the timestamps below, email [email protected] to purchase This class teaches you about two fundamentally different competing states. (NOTE: A state of mind or a state of being, a state is a “temporary condition occurring now.”)... Read More

PAID CLASS Neurobiology of Compassion

The lecture is divided into: It answers questions like, “What is compassion? Why is it important?” “What happens in my brain when I make a compassionate choice?” While this class focuses on the science of compassion, it mentions how compassion links into the relational neuroscience framework (that when people have more compassion, research shows them to have higher states of integration). Crockett... Read More