7th Domain Interpersonal Integration

BONUS Part 3 Science Chat–excellent recording that explains CORE interpersonal neurobiology concepts especially how consciousness and the social circuits of the brain closely overlap. Check out the timestamps below the video. This Science Chat is considered Part 3 of the $49 course, or can be purchased separately for $25: ———– Join Crockett for a deep dive exploration of what healthy relationships look like... Read More

PAID CLASS Neurobiology of Compassion

The lecture is divided into: It answers questions like, “What is compassion? Why is it important?” “What happens in my brain when I make a compassionate choice?” While this class focuses on the science of compassion, it mentions how compassion links into the relational neuroscience framework (that when people have more compassion, research shows them to have higher states of integration). Crockett... Read More

Do You Have Any Family Relationship “Cut-offs”?

I want to mention a book that I read called “Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions” by Roberta M. Gilbert, M.D. Chapter six in particular discusses cut-offs which was FASCINATING to me.  Apparently research confirms that when individuals have cut-off from primary family that all relationships in their present day life suffer.  As a counselor, I really have thought about this concept for myself... Read More