PAID CLASS Improved Immunity and Stress Reduction

The class begins with 4 exercises to improve mood and immunity. Each is carefully chosen from neuroscience research.

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Next, we move into a brief overview of relational neuroscience and its goal of integration.

The lecture flows between meditations that use imagination and practical exercises using movement and breath.

When under stress, we can hang out in the left hemisphere’s logical, “to do” list mode. Some people hang out there like it’s a sanctuary; if we stay there labeling and categorizing for too long, it can isolate us from connecting with our body’s feelings and sensations. This is why Crockett carefully weaves exercises to strengthen different domains of integration including Bilateral Hemispheric, Memory and Narrative Integration, to name a few.

After a relaxing hour of exercises, here is the last tip to journal on:

You’ll know you have achieved a higher state of integration by noticing at the end of the class your level of relaxation.

Below is the paid class, contact HeidiCrockett at gmail for questions and/or payment.

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