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Sept 21, 2023 at 622 hours

Here is a link to a cold plunge tank for Under 200 dollar cold plunge that you can put in a shower. You can either use 5 one gallon jugs or 2 liter coke bottles filled with water in freezer, put them in 1 hour before you soak, open them up and empty the water when you start, then put water back in them and back in freezer when you are done.

Here is a link to a a heater that I use:

Use dry heat Vornado heater to warm up after the cold plunge

Remember the method is cold wet and dry heat (like an electric heater, the heater in your car, warming up using another body, or sun, or what’s really nice is next to a fire.) If possible, avoid hot wet (avoid hot water) for at least 6 hours after plunging. The key is to have your core body temperate remain low while you also get very toasty warm dry with the dry heat. Get yourself super super warm but the dry heat won’t allow your inside to get so warm. The sauna warms up your core body temperate differently than what I am suggesting here so it is not a heat source that I recommend, will discuss this more with time.


June 17, 2023–7 hours in a row NEW record on June 16th, then I did a couple hours the next day (two 90 min) total hours 518


April 14, 2023–6 hours in a row record again, total time 438 hours

I’m able to do the longer soaks more often. I did 2 hours on March 24th and 4 hours on March 25th, then 2 hours on April 8th and 4 hours on April 9th then the 6 hour soak on the 14th. I’m thinking about contacting the Guinness world record, I haven’t done this yet and a number of people following me suggest that I go ahead and do this. I want to continue training until I reach 8 hours is my current train of thought.

How it’s affecting my health:

I continue to see improvement in the (formerly lost) nerve function and bone strength/alignment from where the hardware was removed at the right L6 and S1 facet joints. About 3 days after a long soak I’ll get the urge to do what is called “neural flossing” in physical therapy, writing the alphabet with my toes and stretching the toes all the way in one direction then the other direction and also pressing on the spot where scar tissue build up is. My background is as a massage therapist and I’ve been doing what’s called “cross fiber frictioning” at the surgery site to help break up the scar tissue. That seems to be the biggest change over time, as the tissue breaks up the sacrum is able to slide up and down my back (like when a person puts their knees to their chest) in ways that it was stuck before. So my range of motion for my hurt ankle and my lower back is improving and my ability to sit is coming back…but it’s extremely slow. Only now after nearly 450 hours, 1 year and 8 months into training can I tell how damaged my lower back was from the surgery. I still have high levels of pain, but they are less. It is like from a 10 to an 8 and perhaps now I am approaching 7.5. This is normally unheard of after 12 years of back pain total added up since my condition first started appearing. I plan to go more public once I get a better recovery. Already being off the crutches since last January has been amazing. I played racquetball for the first time in 10 years in March. I was in pain the next day pretty bad but I returned to my baseline the day after that. So I am improving but the pain was so high to start, I’m not sure what my baseline will be.


Jan 14, 2023–My total plunge time 357 hours–sorry everyone that I haven’t been as diligently outlining my training like before. Rest be assured, I continue to see fantastic results soaking in the 50 degree water then warming up with dry heat.

UPDATE: Dec 21st 2022 (Winter solstice) new personal record 6 hours!!!! Started at 10:44 ended at 4:44


Limited time video interviewing Heidi:


Heidi debuts her 252 hour cold plunge healing journey. She answers what is healing about submerging in the 50 F degree cold plunge, how to go about it, altered states, elevated dopamine levels, cold as a “gateway” and much much more.

NEW PERSONAL RECORD 5 hours!!!! Aug 12th 2022


Heidi has been posting her progress on using the cold plunge to help her back pain here:


CURRENT RUNNING UPDATE: (I stopped counting my training in days due to the lowered number of hours on cold plunging days.)

291 hours as of Oct 1, 2022


August 17th–I looked up Guinness Book of World Records, there is a man submerged in ice for 3 hours. NEW IDEA: I am thinking about submitting an application for a new record. I wonder if I would do it at the springs or in my own plunge…

August 12th–New AMAZING 5 hour record at the springs! (Still waiting on the handyman to help me install my unit.)

SEE THIS VIDEO WHERE I BROKE MY 4 HOUR PREVIOUS RECORD AND COMPLETED 5 HOURS NONSTOP (before and after video footage for the first time in 89 Days of training).

July 14th–Cold plunge cooling unit arrives!

April 29th–Cold plunge container arrives!

Here comes the plunge!!!


April 1 2022 but this is not a joke, for real!!!!

2nd record that same day after four hours from 12:08 to 4:08pm on April 1st was a 5th hour of soaking 5:11pm to 6:11pm–that record is soaking a total of 5 hours in one 12 hour window single day (before it had been 4.5 hrs)


Since many fans have reported not using social media, she is also going to put updates on this page!

Since September, Heidi has been using a 4 and a half foot deep cold plunge at a local hot springs .

Feb 14th Valentine’s Day record

Other prior posts included:

On Day 41, Heidi went from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

On Day 49, Heidi went from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

One Day 54, Heidi went from 120 minutes to 150 minutes.

Day 63, she went from 150 minutes to 180 minutes in one soaking.

Day 74, she went from 180 minutes to 240 minutes in one soaking

Day 89, she went from 240 minutes to 300 minutes in one soaking

To try and keep warm for her HOURS soaking in the plunge, Heidi wears a hat and scarf as well as thermal undershirt and fleece with sleeves pushed to above her elbows

In this video from her WIZARD’S UNITE DISCUSSION GROUP (start listening at min 4 sec 40 for cold plunge focus, whereas the first half relate to the neuroscience behind being able to create habit change which was the focus of the group).

Email her at HeidiCrockett at gmail dot com to learn more about the group or to attend.


Want to see the SCIENCE BLAST video AFTER the above update where Heidi teaches more on “response flexibility” and where exactly the “wizard brain” (prefrontal cortex) is located?

See the below video code ResponseFlexibility2heal!

EXTRA: Do you want to learn more about the importance of your wizard brain after watching the above (especially the last 5 min explaining your window of tolerance and how to widen it)?

Technically the above video was #2 out of 11 videos explaining the wizard brain (“prefrontal cortex,”) together these educational videos create Series #3. It is posted here for free for the purposes of teaching how to optimally use the cold plungethe more a person has access to these 9 functions, the more they can stay in the cold for the purpose of improved health and mood.

DETAILS: See this page for Series #1, Series #2 and Series #3 outlining 50 hours of neuroscience teaching on how to more intelligently wire up your brain. Also pasting the very bottom of that page here:

#3 Series

$149 for wizard brain series (9 functions of the prefrontal cortex) or $20 each

A total of 11 videos at approximately 9 hours of teaching, will paste below…unfortunately you need the codes to see the detailed timestamps below each video.

1. What is the wizard brain and mindsight
2. The wizard brain skill of response flexibility
3. The wizard brain skill of attuned communication
4. CORE class explaining how to rewire shame using wizard brain skill of fear modulation (to unlearn a fear)
5. The wizard brain skill of insight and how it originates from attachment in childhood
6. The wizard brain skill of empathy but expanded definition with an empathy energy experience from guest speaker
7. The wizard brain skill of morality ***BEST overview of the whole series
8. The wizard brain skill of intuition

9. The wizard brain skill of emotional balance *** AN EXCELLENT class overviewing interpersonal neurobiology model, without getting overly technical. (A fantastic 15 min section is to start at min 34. Live demonstration of an audience member gaining emotional balance then detailed PowerPoint explanation.)

10. The wizard brain skill of body regulation. Possibly the best HACK out of the 9 functions to most quickly jump start your brain from lizard to wizard!

11. The FINALE reviewing all 9 and explaining more nuanced details, also very good to watch for an overview of all 9 functions

This PowerPoint slide is from #11 the FINALE listing all classes:


Want to know more about Heidi’s congenital back condition that she is healing?

It is called Bertolotti’s Syndrome or simply “transitional vertebrae” in some places.

Heidi had a RARE version of a rare condition where her pain came from the OPPOSITE side where pain typically comes from with this condition. (This picture comes from the PubMed article published on her case.)

(The pain typically comes from that fused side where the bone meets the sacrum called a “pseudoarticulation” or false joint because the enlarged transverse process turned bone merging into the sacrum can be partially fused in a way that causes pain. That wasn’t the way it manifested in her case.) Her pain came from the opposite side at the sacral ala (see white arrow) where her right transverse process was cutting into her sciatic nerve (this caused her ankle pain, she was on crutches for 9 years and just got off them at the end of 2021 due to the cold plunge!!!)

The above diagram explains what has happened since ankle pain started in 2012, the short version is an anticipated FULL RECOVERY sometime in 2023 thanks to many hours soaking in the cold plunge! (After an appropriate back surgery in 2017 with hardware removal in 2020)


Last year she completed the below results.

This blog post is created on Valentine’s Day Feb 14, 2022, where she has completed a total of 63 days visiting the springs to help heal her back with 192 hours soaking in the 50 degree F plunge (approx 10 degree C)

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