Power of the Group

I am on fire to encourage us to come together in one-time and ongoing groups.

If you are new to my work as a teacher of neurobiology and counselor, please consider reading the 5 THEMES in a support group working on attachment listed at the above link.

4 x 4 is an opportunity to pick one memory to work on–see email pasted below that I send to people who join to learn more. Email me at HeidiCrockett at gmail.com to participate in a group, (price is $30 per hour for any group event with Crockett).

“The 4 x 4 group is amazing.  I get so much from the dynamics of sharing in a safe space, feeling that I am being heard, and hearing others stories.  The tools that Heidi provides help me to grow and evolve.” -CA

“Thanks Heidi, the group was incredible.” -RL

“Heidi‚Äôs facilitation of a group brings such an in depth understanding of the neurobiology of healing into a dynamic, creative, inspiring and deeply caring, intimate environment. Her uplifting energy and ability to be truly present is such a joy to be in relationship with.” -CC

“This is just wonderful and you are wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do these recordings. You put so much work and care into being with each one of us. I feel so cared for!!!!! What a delight to be with you and the others last night. Your work is really progressive and encompasses so many facets of healing. I feel joyful to be in your presence!” -CF

——————Dear group of 4,
I am very much looking forward to meeting together.

Our focus will be integrating (healing) memory using our nervous system’s two main tools: choice and connection. Your nervous system and the group’s collective nervous system will guide us on our journey. See handouts (I recommend printing these out and having them with you during the workshop).

1. 3 circle system

When we feel threatened (Red circle-THREAT SYSTEM) we tend to want to do something about it (Blue circle-DRIVE SYSTEM) yet it is the action of caring (Green circle-SOOTHING SYSTEM) that optimizes the functioning of our brains

2. By naming your A. Feelings and B. Sensations List, (attachments in the email that I will send to you when you enroll in the 4 x 4 group,) we are able to get more into the right hemisphere’s mode of being. Getting into this mode will be part of the process called memory reconsolidation where we unlock schema or mental models from the past and move them forward in time (since these are not tagged with time). One example is the below door slamming memory, I am re-experiencing an implicit memory schema when I startle from the sound of a door closing loudly. My present day conscious self doesn’t recognize that the intensity of my startle response comes from extra charge or flooding coming in from trauma stored in implicit memory. You don’t need to know this information in this email in order to help integrate the memory and release the charge, I’m just sharing information to those who are curious.
I will include other handouts after the event depending on what we covered.

The flow of the group is everyone getting a chance to arrive–checking in with one other person in a breakout room, then coming together in the main room. I’ll be seeing what people have chosen to focus on. I recommend picking one memory that you want to work on and related to that one theme that repeats itself that you’d like to explore having a new relationship with. What we’ll do is divide the time equally between each group member leaving time for that introduction and closure (this usually leaves around 35-40min for each person).

Our nervous system charge is like pando–the largest living organism in the world–when we touch on one memory (specifically its charge,) we work on ALL charge. So it’s best to pick a memory that is medium level charge or less, not very highly charged–I’d recommend that for a private session with me.

So besides printing out these 3 pages and having them with you, reflect on and pick a memory and some kind of theme or habit that you have that you’d like to find a new relationship with. (Example: I get scared when I hear doors slam. I do a knee-jerk “ut-oh” motion in my body. I’d like to have a new relationship toward the sound of a door closing. I pick one memory to work on that involves the sound of my Grandmom’s shoes walking down the tile hallway to my bedroom door and her opening my door really loudly and x, y, z happening.)

If you have questions feel free to reach out to me by email or phone 727-288-4117.

This will be a powerful and connecting event and I am really looking forward to it. In interpersonal neurobiology consciousness requires intention in order to integrate, so by all 5 of us showing up with the intention to create change we lay the foundation for a wonderfully integrative day. —Heidi

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