SUPER POSITIVE REVIEWS about Crockett’s lecture on how to heal trauma and the brain:

VIDEO IS AT THE BOTTOM Video title: Trauma as a Lack of Brain Integration between the Left and Right Hemisphere Video description: This class will explore how emotionally intense moments of trauma register in the brain, then endure as dissociation and lack of integration. When communication was emotionally empty or terrifying, your mind “turned out the lights” and froze the flow of information preventing certain key regions... Read More

2nd Domain Part 2

BONUS Part 3 Science Chat (extra important information: read the timestamps below the video): There was so much material to cover instead of the second class being more on-the-spot interactions, Crockett decided to add details on the different hemispheres and share case studies of when they are impaired. Check out the very bottom slides on this page for the wider philosophical and global implications! (New here? Be sure to check... Read More

2nd Domain: Bilateral Hemispheric Integration

Peace, creativity, and logic are the gifts arising from the 2nd Domain. Crockett’s official class explaining how the left and right hemipheres can work together optimally. Click here to see last week’s lecture “1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness” details. Email HeidiCrockett at for payment. NOTE–Be sure to click here to see some of the slides and blog post for Part 2, (the rest of... Read More