2nd Domain Part 2

BONUS Part 3 Science Chat (extra important information: read the timestamps below the video):

There was so much material to cover instead of the second class being more on-the-spot interactions, Crockett decided to add details on the different hemispheres and share case studies of when they are impaired. Check out the very bottom slides on this page for the wider philosophical and global implications!

(New here? Be sure to check out the 1st3rd and 4th Domains as this post covers the 2nd in a series on 9 Domains. (Please note that this post covers Part 2 of Bilateral Hemispheric Integration and there is a Part 1 of Bilateral Integration here: https://greenlightheidi.com/2020/05/2nd-domain/ .)

The above is the first 9 minutes of the class and gives a great overview

Above is the official Part 2 class (“Amazingly profound!” said one listener). Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com for payment. Below is an overview with slides and description for Part 2 (the 2nd class on Bilateral Integration). Newly arrived here? Don’t forget to see some of her slides from last week by clicking here: Part 1. And if curious about her series, see her previous class about the 1st Domain: Consciousness and the next class on the 3rd Domain: Vertical Integration.

After reviewing core concepts from the 1st class, we’re able to move into deeper waters…

There’s more information in this section than is possible to show on a few slides…come learn how to integrate your hemispheres!

Watching murmuration points us more toward a right hemisphere mode of being,
see Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight” TED Talk at the bottom of this post for more about the right hemisphere–this lecture outlines the science behind her incredible experience.

Crockett decided to bring together more material since this is the 4th class that she’s been presenting on the 9 domains so far…the contemplation questions for the below section will be included in a workbook she’s making.

Get ready to blast off into deeper levels of understanding integration. This section went into what aspects of each hemisphere are crucial for the upcoming domains and why they’re essential.

If you can’t attend live, you can purchase this class by emailing HeidiCrockett at gmail.com

The bulk of today’s talk focuses on two cases. Here are two slides from one of the cases.

The next to last section is the most important with a 3 step process for integrating this domain from evidence-based solutions. These will be included in her workbook.

Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com

Purchase includes a bonus 18 minute guided meditation (combination science lecture) on Bilateral Hemispheric Integration.

The sphere is an important concept and related to the reason why Crockett chose figures with these shapes in a guided meditation near the end of PART 1 to integrate the 1st and 2nd domains. Listen to min 7-9 of the preview at the top of the page to hear some of the wider implications.

Join in this nearly 3 hours of teaching on integrating the hemispheres! By better understanding these two VERY DIFFERENT WAYS OF BEING in your own body, you can integrate yourself into reality in new ways.


See Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight for her description of the right hemisphere, this talk will take her experience and put it within a science framework to chew on and integrate YOUR BRAIN.


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