The 1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness

Presence is the portal through which integration happens.


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The below video shows the start of the “1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness” class and some of the concepts that will be taught. (New here? Be sure to check out the 2nd3rd and 4th Domains, as this post covers the 1st in an on-going series on 9 Domains.)

Above highlights are min 2:22 as we become more integrated we experience more spirituality, min 4:05 explaining the Plane of Possibility as the source of consciousness, min 6:10 the definition of consciousness, awareness, and ending on how we can use our mind to reshape our brain! Join us for the series, soon there will be a detailed IPNB workbook created by Crockett to fill out as you watch the classes.


Below are the 2 videos for those who paid, scroll down to see an overview of the topics covered in her 2 classes.


Part 1: The Official Class 73 minutes

Part 2: Demonstrating the 1st Domain, audience members transition from the knowing to the known. Hear Crockett explain what happened using the PowerPoint. Consider watching the demo first, (Part 2,) then Part 1.

Email HeidiCrockett at for purchasing both videos total 2.25 hours of content for $39


Crockett begins with a guided imagery exercise to introduce the concepts that she’ll be covering in class.

In the first half of the lecture, she answers questions like, “What does consciousness technically mean? And awareness?” She will give experiential exercises to listeners so they have an embodied understanding of these terms, besides a dictionary definition according to interpersonal neurobiology (relational neuroscience).

Learn about the Plane of Possibility, a model for the source of consciousness…

…especially the unexplained gap between your subjective experience and neural firing.

Crockett explains the definition of mind:

She outlines the mind’s filters, these slides show some of the examples:

Part 2 class: Begins with an exercise to exemplify being in the “hub” (a mindful, expanded state) instead of “rim” activity (words and thoughts).

Guided meditation focusing on the Sombrero Galaxy

She reviews the “Wheel of Awareness” concept then asks the audience, “How do you go from rim states of awareness to hub states?” There is a “SOCK” model introduced last class that is briefly reviewed (sensation, observation, conceptualization, non-conceptual knowing).

Class 2 then moves into two demonstrations from participants achieving higher levels of integration with a focus on the 1st domain. Afterward, Crockett explains what she did with the demos using the PowerPoint.


Email HeidiCrockett at for purchasing both videos total 2.25 hours of content for $39


*From the quote at the top of the page, “The ‘I’ of consciousness is the same eye that sees God.”

In this framework, the word “God” refers to “spirituality,” defined as:

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The Sweep-Loop concept was covered in the Integration of Consciousness class for those who are interested or who want a review (this is one video from her blog, see link to entire blog below):

See her neuroscience blog with self-help videos here:

To watch the playlist on YouTube click this link below–there are important descriptions under each video worth reading to better understand the content in each video:

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