2nd Domain: Bilateral Hemispheric Integration

Peace, creativity, and logic are the gifts arising from the 2nd Domain.

Crockett’s official class explaining how the left and right hemipheres can work together optimally.

Click here to see last week’s lecture “1st Domain: Integration of Consciousness” details.

Email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com for payment. NOTE–Be sure to click here to see some of the slides and blog post for Part 2, (the rest of the post is from Part 1).

BONUS PART 3 SCIENCE CHAT (See timestamps below the Part 3 video for what is most useful about laterality or integrating the two hemispheres:

Crockett will give examples of the right and left hemisphere including an exercise to guess after her initial description of the two. The below slides show one on the left hemisphere and the second part of the class:

The second part of the lecture will discuss examples of left and right hemisphere dominance:

When the Default Mode is poorly-integrated, when the two hemispheres are not well-differentiated and linked through a robust corpus callosum with many integrative fibers, the impaired Bilateral Integration combines with impaired Vertical Integration (3rd Domain,) so that the nervous system cannot manage arousal (agitation). This piece will be discussed on the Part 2 lecture.

Crockett will give solutions on what horizontal integration looks like and how to encourage it, above is one slide explaining if the left hemisphere is overly dominant.

NOTE: This section of the class was explained in Part 2, for more details click here.

To purchase the class email HeidiCrockett at gmail.com


If you are new to Heidi’s content, here’s her YouTube blog on the subject matter of this post:

“Bilateral Hemispheric Integration” is discussed in the above video or you can view by clicking here from her blog.

See her neuroscience video blog (link to the series below).

LEARNING TIP: Consider reading the written descriptions under each video as there are important details for those interested in learning.

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