PAID CLASS NVC Peaceful Communication in a Difficult World

The next video is in addition to the above video. It explains the 4 step process of practicing NVC with two examples in the last 5 minutes to practice. It also explains what to do when you encounter difficult answers, (which will inevitably be the case,) like what to say and how to respond to keep the communication on track. Remember the platform is “response flexibility” where you are pausing between impulse and action, this is... Read More

Brain Fitness Class Nonviolent Communication

See more about NVC by reading Heidi’s blog post here: Now available for $20 purchase, Heidi outlines the POWER behind nonviolent communication: it can stop our automatic stress response, cultivate higher brain functions like empathy and attuned communication, and take our awareness to a focus on what’s alive in someone rather than warlike black-white thinking... Read More

Peaceful Communication NVC Tips

GROK cards and books are a GREAT way to learn peaceful communication skills, (nonviolent communication,) to grow your higher brain functions, and to easily make conversations more meaningful CLICK Here To Order GROK NVC Products. I give the Kids Grok as gifts to family and recommend regular Grok set for adults. The yellow Fundamentals book is excellent for understanding “jackal” (limbic brain) vs “giraffe” (prefrontal cortex)... Read More

PAID CLASS New Findings in Sexual Health

Heidi will email you the video to watch and the FREE handout that comes with the talk! Crockett covers 1. When a person has a dysregulated nervous system, how they more easily move out of their optimal arousal zone and into hypoarousal and hyperarousal 2. How the last fact can be applied to one’s relationship with pleasure 3. Dr. Nagoski’s concept of the Sexual Accelerator and Brakes 4. Solutions to... Read More