PAID CLASS New Findings in Sexual Health

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Crockett covers

1. When a person has a dysregulated nervous system, how they more easily move out of their optimal arousal zone and into hypoarousal and hyperarousal

2. How the last fact can be applied to one’s relationship with pleasure

3. Dr. Nagoski’s concept of the Sexual Accelerator and Brakes

4. Solutions to increase arousal using the accelerator and brakes metaphors

To learn more about how to increase arousal and the above mentioned solutions (about pushing the accelerator and/or foot off the brake) see the class!


5. Neuroplasticity and mindmapping as it relates to our sexuality

6. Research about women’s sexuality: responsive desire vs spontaneous desire, non-concordance, and more

The following slides explain #6 more

Non-concordance” is when the below two categories on the slide do not match. (Crockett has a handout that explains the main principles in her talk that is included when you purchase the class. That’s what the #2 means on the slide, it refers to the handout.)

Non-concordance is when the above two categories do not match

Women experience non-concordance 90% of the time. This research means her sexual partner needs to listen to what she is saying turns her on vs. paying attention to physical signs of arousal (like lubrication).


7. The definition and importance of context for women

See more about context in the class!


8. New research on mindfulness applied in the bedroom

9. What kind of diet and supplement improve sexual function and why

10. Fun science facts like the C-V distance being a reliable predictor of whether a woman is orgasmic during penetrative sex

11. Recommendations for safe and ethical websites for information, toys, lubricants, and erotica for both men and women

12. According to research, the 3 Things that make it most likely for a woman to have intense orgasms

13. The #1 Thing that a woman can do right now to improve her orgasms, plus much more!

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