Peaceful Communication NVC Tips

GROK cards and books are a GREAT way to learn peaceful communication skills, (nonviolent communication,) to grow your higher brain functions, and to easily make conversations more meaningful CLICK Here To Order GROK NVC Products. I give the Kids Grok as gifts to family and recommend regular Grok set for adults. The yellow Fundamentals book is excellent for understanding “jackal” (limbic brain) vs “giraffe” (prefrontal cortex) language.

There is also a NVC center in Berkeley with helpful resources:

I offer couples counseling and work with individuals and groups to develop their prefrontal cortex (the pilot of your life):

I call NVC “peaceful communication” or “prefrontal cortex language” and teach how practicing it grows many functions of the prefrontal cortex:

A core foundation in Peaceful Communication is “Bids for Empathy,” see below:

Bids for empathy, and other parts of NVC, cultivate many of the 9 Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex, which is our destination for EXCELLENT EXECUTIVE FUNCTION in the “River of Integration” model from IPNB:

Consider learning more about NVC and reach out to me at HeidiCrockett at gmail dot com if you have questions.


See my paid class and links to two of my educational NVC videos by clicking here:

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg (the creator of NVC) saved MANY people’s lives through what he created and not enough people know about this brilliant language he created to help calm down our limbic brain’s stress response and tap into our higher brain functions! To learn more about fast vs slow brain systems and why therapy and peaceful communication both help see my 5 minute video at the top of this page: CLICK

For a longer talk to learn more about how to strengthen your nervous system see the video at the top of the page “Examining Your Pleasure Trap: A Dysregulated Nervous System”


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