Most Vitamins are Awful   After you read that article and figure out the best vitamins to buy, look at the websites that I list in my “Vitamins–what? Where?” link below to find where to get the cheapest GOOD vitamins:    Read More

Beware of touching cash register receipts then eating

You can read about “BPS” in the below link or search internet for “cash register receipt BPS” but the short version is to be VERY CAREFUL whenever you handle cash register receipts because the potential toxicity is mind-blowing.  A smart health nut knows to be careful and wash hands ALWAYS before eating but STILL basically don’t rub your eyes or face or anything after you touch a paper receipt. For one BPS article click... Read More


This article is an excellent commentary on the state of America’s health and the organic and fast food industry: Still a Fast-Food Nation: Eric Schlosser Reflects on 10 Years Later Fast food picture-credit to SteFou!  Read More

What is MSG? It’s in almost everything in a package and its bad.

This page has important information about how you can live the longest, healthiest life (by avoiding MSG).  Nevertheless, please do not panic.  Everyday and every breath, simply do the best you can to take care of yourself.  Do what you can.  Recognize our food choices exist in a “marketing environment in which billions of dollars are spent to convince us that nutrition advice is so confusing, and eating healthfully so impossibly difficult,... Read More