Most Vitamins are Awful   After you read that article and figure out the best vitamins to buy, look at the websites that I list in my “Vitamins–what? Where?” link below to find where to get the cheapest GOOD vitamins:    Read More –awesome homemade powders4SMOOTHIE

If you, the reader, are SERIOUS about your smoothies (like I am!!!) definitely add their green powder   to your smoothies. can have fantastic deals, so if you on a major tight budget, they are THE PLACE to get supplements and powders.  But if you want to heal from long-term depletion like many of us have from modern diets or you want to heal from some illness that you have even general fatigue,... Read More

THE PLACE to buy vitamins/health products

I’ve used for many years now and have ALWAYS gotten very fresh products for basically the cheapest price that I can find (most of the time, you can always search the internet on another window to check.)   I think I saw that they are one of the largest providers of name brand vitamins in the world which I had no idea. If spending under $40 you can save $5, or over $40 save $10 using coupon code: DIC339 Be sure to create an account... Read More