Meditation MAPs Heidi recommends

I recommend TWO TYPES OF MEDITATION OR BRAIN FITNESS….the first brings you to a state of inner peace, the other is learning to strengthen your “mindsight muscle” (mindsight is like eyesight, but learning to see inside your mind and others minds). Clients often hear that I teach on the power of “thinking about thinking” and growing your middle prefrontal cortex, including how there are 9 functions and... Read More

Technology and Your Health

Research on the effects of modern day technology (like texting and emailing) on your health.  The article explains how  “Doing too much, too fast, too often is bad for your brain. Multitasking drives up stress hormones which act as battery acid on the memory center of the brain and promotes system wide inflammation.” Read the full-story by clicking here: ————————————————————————– UPDATE:... Read More

Discussing Your Sexual Health with a Doctor, Great Short video

Great five minute video about how YOU should and shouldn’t feel going to a doctor and asking about your sexual health:   photo credit to  Read More

Protected: Life In the Fast Lane: How To Refuel

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Research Says Have More Sex–1 minute video   This video shows you the research that shows some of the many positive effects of having sex.  Read More