What I Put In Smoothie

I drink a smoothie almost every day.  It is basically like my daily VITAMIN, because I’m not so good at remembering to take supplements.  People always ask me what I put in my smoothie, so I will post here.   I use 1/2 frozen banana. (I get bananas at the store and when they are ripe, I peel them and break them in half, then put them in a freezer bag. ) 5 ice cubes (optional) 1/2 cup fresh organic berries (like 5 strawberries) 1/2 cup... Read More

www.openskyfoods.com –awesome homemade powders4SMOOTHIE

If you, the reader, are SERIOUS about your smoothies (like I am!!!) definitely add their green powder http://www.openskyfoods.com/GPS.html   to your smoothies.  Iherb.com can have fantastic deals, so if you on a major tight budget, they are THE PLACE to get supplements and powders.  But if you want to heal from long-term depletion like many of us have from modern diets or you want to heal from some illness that you have even general fatigue,... Read More