Reality vs the Erotic

“So I think that the unknown is inherent to desire. But faced with the unknown, people can have a few responses: you can stay open to it and welcome the persistent mystery of your partner or you can respond with anxiety. And for me, the question is the issue of certainty. You know, I think love is never certain. It is inherent that the potential of loss is part of love. And if you want to pretend to create an illusion of certainty then you will... Read More

Principles of Intimacy and Passion

I did this lecture in the spring of 2011.  The first half is Dr. Hawley speaking about the pitfalls of facebook/texting while young and in relationships.  In the second half, for the first part I talk about intimacy and good communication skills, (not necessarily anything new for most people, but I could be wrong!)  THEN in the last part (which is the last 15 minutes) I discuss passion vs. intimacy and how cultivating intimacy doesn’t... Read More