Reduce Wi-Fi by 90% by getting this 3-in-1 router

I bought this Wi-Fi JRS eco-wifi router to reduce Wi-Fi in my house (see WHY by reading here)

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Do your research and make a decision for yourself. I only use ethernet cable cord but my partner loves Apple products so I needed a way to turn on and off Wi-Fi which isn’t easy to do–unless you own this 3-in-1


The way companies in the US set it up, one cannot even turn on and off Wi-Fi, one has to CALL the internet provider company and ask them to do it every time which is ridiculous. It is no work for them to create an on/off button on the device they give at the start of service. They simply are not prioritizing EMF radiation, like the way mold or GMO issues are being ignored, too.  Anyway, I suggest BUYING this device for your long-term health and for the health of your neighbors and pets.


The day that AT&T was here to install, I emailed the owner in a panic and he replied with the below which I read to the install man and it all worked!


Hi Heidi,

No need to worry. You need to connect the eco-wifi to your internet modem with the included LAN network cable.

You need to retain your internet modem because it provides the conversion of the internet signal to ADSL, cable or fiber, the specifics of which depend on your internet provider. If your internet modem has built-in wifi, this then needs to turned off in order to minimize wifi radiation. On some modems you can simply turn off the wifi with a switch on your modem, or login to a settings menu. If you don’t know how, call your provider’s customer service and ask them for help. Turning off the built-in wifi is never impossible! Some modems of internet providers also transmit a public wifi network which also needs to be switched off.

Hoping to help you,

With kind regards,

Jan-Rutger Schrader,

PhD JRS Electro Health Gravin Juliana van Stolberglaan 31 Unit A3850 2263AB Leidschendam The Netherlands

Finally if you cannot for whatever reason buy a router which allows you to reduce Wi-Fi consider these strategies (re-posted straight from here):

Reduce Your Exposure To WiFi Radiation Without Eliminating It

I know that some people can’t quite bring themselves to surrender their wireless devices so here are some tips on minimizing WiFi without eliminating WiFi.

1. Keep your distance

WiFi radiation exposures drop off significantly with distance (called the inverse square law). Many routers have a strong enough signal to maintain a connection up to 100m from the router. Make sure you put as much distance between you and your wireless router as you can without diminishing the efficiency of your connection. Remember: walls don’t stop wireless radiation, never situate a wireless router behind a bedroom wall.

2. Switch off at Night

Studies tell us that the biggest danger with WiFi radiation comes from nighttime exposures; cellular regeneration,mechanical timer to reduce emf exposures from a modem routerrejuvenation, and detoxification is impeded. Notably melatonin productioncan be significantly reduced. If you really can’t bring yourself to remove your wireless router you can install a simple mechanical electrical timer (see attached image) on the socket where you plug your router in. Then just set it to turn the power off during sleep time.

I also recommend combining the mechanical timer with a multi-outlet power strip, sometimes called a surge protection unit. First you plug all your computer devices, , laptop/desktop, printer, monitor into your power strip. Then you plug the power strip into your mechanical timer which you then plug into the wall.

low emf power stripThis means that when you set your timer to switch off from 10 pm to 6 pm, for instance, that it switches EVERYTHING off that’s plugged into your power strip.

There are two advantages here, besides saving money on your utility bill, you also eliminate any EMF emissions that these appliances are producing.

My recommendation is to use a power strip that has surge arrest which will also ensure your equipment is protected from over-voltages (i.e. lightening strikes) and that it’s grounded.


If you were unable to click on the WHY link, here is the article explaining why I bought the router that I mentioned at the top of this blog post:


WiFi Radiation Protection Tips

There are some simple steps you can take to limit your exposure to WiFi router radiation. In this article I explain what they are.

1. Buy A JRS Eco-WiFi Router

Why? Because it offers a radically safer alternative to standard WiFi.

The JRS Eco-WiFi router is actually a package. It’s composed of:

  • An Asus router
  • JRS Eco-Wifi software

It’s the JRS software that gives the Asus router it’s unique low EMF functionality. You see, classic or standard WiFi operates at 10 pulses per second where as JRS-Eco WiFi operates at 1 pulse per second. This 10x reduced pulse interval translates to a 90% reduction in WiFi radiation when the router is on stand-by.  To see exactly what I mean, watch this video.

The other reason to invest in a JRS Eco-WiFi Router is that it offers the same performance as regular WiFi. You get the same download speeds, the same data transmission capacity… the same performance but JRS-Eco WiFi is a LOT safer than regular WiFi.

I’ve written a full review on the JRS Eco-WiFi Router. You can read it here.

The ideal set-up is the JRS Eco-WiFi Router and some good quality shielded Ethernet cable.

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