8th Domain Temporal Integration


New here? Be sure to check out the 1st2nd3rd 4th5th , 6th, and 7th Domains, as this post covers the 8th in a series on 9 Domains.


This is the last domain before integrating all 9 domains, so it is the most difficult to achieve. This talk begins stating how difficult the topic has been to create a PowerPoint. The below questions and answers helped deepen the conversation.


In Part 1 (min 2 to min 6) participants did paired sharing exercises and share their thoughts on moments of meaningfulness and meaninglessness.

Attendees spoke about the sacredness of the “liminal space” when one is cast into a zone where they do not know who they are due to a new, painful life development from unforeseen circumstances.

(Min 7 to 14) Crockett gave an overview of the two competing functions of A and B, then explained how time integration involves the following temporal slate:

(Min 15 to 20) Attendees shared their relationship with A and B, and their struggles for meaning. One participant said how the shoe can drop at any moment but how there simultaneously exists the opportunity to truly enjoy life by tasting it with full aliveness and by contributing to the world in a meaningful way (by “singing the song that lives inside us before we die.”)


(Min 20 to 30) Crockett speaks about what helped her cope when her husband passed away from cancer in 2009. Next is a discussion on finding trust and resilience and what the neuroscience says is helpful.

(Min 30 to 40) She next brought in teaching concepts from the 4th Domain and the science of memory reconsolidation (MR), (*comment here: MR is probably the most powerful tool taught out of all 9 Domains).

She applied the principles from the tool of MR to integrating not simply one painful memory:

Those same teaching concepts were applied to integrating the pain of living (achieving this 8th Domain):

She emphasized the importance of imagination, then showed an inspiring video clip and gave a contemplation exercise (given before a break). This prompted a discussion after the break (min 40) about how to achieve the 8th Domain and exploring integrating meaninglessness with our passion for life and finding vision.

Core concepts centered around the importance of a proper “filter” of the mind, one that takes in what we want to take in and keeps out what we want to keep out.


Crockett introduced Firestone’s Separation Theory during the last 15 minutes of the Part 1 class to contribute to the discussion about people living a life of meaning vs. remaining in a less feeling state.

*For more about this theory see her class: https://greenlightheidi.com/2019/05/paid-class-firestones-defense-mechanisms-the-fantasy-bond-and-inner-critical-voice/

Part 1 Official Class


The below slide overviews Part 2.

Crockett reviewed last week’s material, then spent more time this week giving tools to increase resilience and achieve integrating the 8th Domain. The class has multiple exercises to incorporate the material into your life in a meaningful way.


Part 2 Official Class

Crockett did a guided visualization about connecting to your sense of meaning and purpose at min 30.

Here are more slides from Part 2:

——-NOTE: Below are Frances Weller’s concepts of grief as a faculty and an “initiation,” these were discussed in Part 2——————

Frances Weller calls grief a “faculty,” see his description here: https://greenlightheidi.com/2020/04/in-times-of-uncertainty/

This means it is a skill, something we can strengthen or it can become dulled.

To learn more, read this post.


To contemplate the 8th Domain, try this exercise:

The above 2 minute video is Frances Weller’s description of what he calls an initiation, (this has also been referred to as the “Hero’s Journey” like in Joseph Campbell’s famous film).

Exercise: Have you had an initiation in your life? How was it a severing of the world you once knew? How did it change your relationship with your identity and time, life and death?

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