New Information on Memory and Your Nervous System

Besides my two core classes on the wizard vs lizard brain and kind voice vs critical voice, the following class is my most useful for “do-it-yourself”ers that want to learn the neuroscience of change and apply it on their own (or in their own coaching or counseling practices).

I’ve completed my SEP (somatic experiencing practitioner) training and SEPs purchase this class to understand why Somatic Experiencing works. It works because (when done successfully) it creates a memory reconsolidation experience in the client. This class explains what memory reconsolidation is, (a form of neuroplasticity that nullifies the charge of a bad memory,) as well as demonstrates it in Part 2 and explains it further with a PowerPoint after the demo. (To learn more about memory reconsolidation, you can also click on this page and scroll down a bit to read the pink writing. It is super important to me that people understand this concept, so I have made 2 free videos, but the below class does the best job explaining everything you need to know.)

I created two blog posts with lots of slides already so click these two links to learn more about the class

Part 1 of the class

Part 2 of the class

Class run time is 2.5 hours and cost is $25, to purchase email [email protected], the testimonial on this page here beginning with “I greatly enjoyed the memory integration…” is from the demo in this class


I recommend watching the demo first then the PowerPoint explanation (it says underneath the video my recommendation–it is about minute 25 of Part 2 going until the end of Part 2). Then watching Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2.

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