New Website Dedicated to Sexual Interaction

red-light-heidi-banner1Soooooooo, I finally registered “” with google and am making it official!


Eyebrows raise when I mention that I have “another” website called “RedLightHeidi” in addition to GreenLight.  Really the second website came out of my interests in Sex and Relationships category on this website.  I wanted a website where I could post on interesting topics specifically related to sexual wellness.  At first, I had been hesitant to make “RedLightHeidi” the website “public” because I wanted everyone to be clear that it is a PG-13 site about EDUCATION and INFORMATION.


There are links about organic lubricants, etc. etc. and I am just getting started.  So if you come across something that you think would be relevant, please let me know and please comment on this website or RedLightHeidi.  Thank you!

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