9th Domain Identity Integration

UPDATES: Part 1 Guided Meditation (1 hr) and Part 2 Class (2+ hrs!) and testimonials are at the very bottom. Part 3 science chat here (see timestamps below the video):


1 minute preview from the end of last week’s class

These 2 classes cover the final domain in a 9 section series: Aug 27th and Sept 3rd. There will be a support group on Sat Sept 13th at 10am PST. Email HeidiCrocket at gmail.com for the zoom link to attend the live class, to purchase the replay, or to obtain more information about the group. Listeners loved the guided meditation Part 1 class! See testimonials at the bottom.


Bringing together all the parts that make you who you are, this class will look at OPTIMAL HEALTH IN ACTION.


Come experience a guided meditation walking you through achieving the different domains.

We’ll do breakout rooms to talk about our vision of our highest self and what gives life meaning and connection beyond the solo self.


In interpersonal neurobiology, the definition of health is integration [which means to link highly differentiated systems or another way to say this is to say high differentiation (separation) and high linkage].



This class will bring together the mindsight skills required to create healthy self-regulation (3rd Domain,) healthy relationships (7th,) making sense of time (8th,) and much more. Together we’ll discuss the application of IPNB’s foundational “brain, mind, relationship” triangle.

In the right hemisphere sense, this lecture series is like a circle where we now revisit the VERY START of the 1st Domain when Crockett asked

Listeners said:

The above picture is another visual for the 9 Domains of Integration from the Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology. The 9th Domain is called either Identity Integration or Transpirational Integration (“Trans” is Across, “Spiration” is about the breath…we will look at integrating across each breath inside and across two people or more breathing in a shared space, thus looking at the identity of the person and the group).


In these classes we have been traveling up the river of neural integration:

New here? Be sure to check out the 1st2nd3rd 4th5th , 6th, 7th, and 8th Domains, as this post covers the 9th in a series on 9 Domains.


This 9 Part Series has been an ongoing process that will be revisited. Throughout the series the numerous processes that are happening simultaneously were discussed:

#5 Narrative is a proces

#6 State Integration is also a process since states are temporary conditions that occur in present time

#7 Relationships are ongoing processes because we are balancing our needs for autonomy and connection


Keeping in mind the many processes happening at the same time can help us better understand the complexity and appreciate the MYSTERY of it all (which is where the 9th Domain necessarily ends and your unique ways of being begin).


Part 1–Official Class

Testimonials from listeners:

“Your guided meditation this morning was for me, an extraordinary and powerful experience… opening new avenues of thought and being.” -DA

“Thanks so much, Heidi. That was very powerful for me.” –VF

“That was intimate and connecting with myself and my higher visions.” -KM

I wanted to tell you the meditation today was phenomenal. Really profound, especially the experience of love in an ideal childhood.” -MM


This class summarizes each of the 9 Domains. Each Domain uses between 6 and 16 slides carefully pulled from prior classes. (Thus if you want a further explanation it is possible to stop the recording and go back to that specific domain to retrieve a more detailed explanation.) Class lasts 2 hours 11 minutes. There is a guided exercise near the beginning to give the listener an experience of the 9th Domain (instead of an explanation which is next). The last 7 minutes congratulate the listener and give a wider framework for what’s been learned.

Official Class Part 2

“So much incredible information. WOW.” TF

“It’s all coming together. This is a great review!” JK

“A lot of the information you discussed today is familiar to me and my husband. We’ve never heard it in this way, so it was very interesting. As you mentioned you are very passionate about this subject and that came through in your talk, so you are very easy to listen to. Great job.” JP


This 9th Domain Part 1 and Part 2 plus Part 3 Science Chat can be purchased for $49 and is a great 4+ hour summary of the 36+ hour series: “Interpersonal Neurobiology Fundamentals: 9 Domains of Neural Integration.”

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