5th Domain Narrative Integration

After explaining memory the last two classes, Crockett will talk about the power of the narrative that we carry related to our memories.

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New here? Be sure to check out the 1st2nd3rd and 4th Domains, as this post covers the 5th in a series on 9 Domains.

The above “5 S’s” are part of a narrative from Dr. Dan Siegel, the creator of interpersonal neurobiology. The idea is that interpersonal neurobiology is founded on these five subjects and to keep these in mind as we integrate ourselves and teach integration in the world!




Crockett begins the class sharing why she fell in-love with neurobiology, (it has to do with the meeting of science and spirituality, how life is an ongoing, unfolding process as demonstrated by these different domains and how the mystery is in these gaps, like the gap between neural firing and mental experience).

Then she tells the literal story of “science” (Dan Siegel, the creator of interpersonal neurobiology) meeting “spirituality” (Dave Oshana) through her participation and the resulting phenomena that happened when she first met Siegel at the “Soul and Synapse” workshop. (Audience members told some stories, too, see preview at the bottom.)

In Part 2 she plays a song that shows us another angle on this concept of life being an unfolding process, see the words from the video:


In both classes she defines story and narrative integration. She explains how an integrated narrative has certain qualities to it like an aliveness and vulnerability in the telling.

Here is Part 2 Class on Narrative Integration. If you purchased both classes for $49, Crockett recommends that you starting listening to Part 2 and do the 4 brain fitness activities, 2 exercises are near minute 10 and then 2 exercises at minute 33:44, then watch Part 2, then watch Part 1.

The class includes some audience members stories of positive states and this will be further explored in the class on state integration, see preview here:

The above video tells you about the 6th Domain: State Integration class and includes listeners’ experiences with positive states and explains intrastate and inter-state integration.

The Part 2 class will go into the tools to help integrate narrative and ideas from Crockett. It will include specific brain regions that are involved and what you can do to make these more robust according to neuroscience.

Email her at HeidiCrockett at gmail.com with questions or to book it.

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