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I’ve used

for many years now and have ALWAYS gotten very fresh products for basically the cheapest price that I can find (most of the time, you can always search the internet on another window to check.)   I think I saw that they are one of the largest providers of name brand vitamins in the world which I had no idea.

If spending under $40 you can save $5, or over $40 save $10 using coupon code:


Be sure to create an account and you save 4% to 14% depending on how much you spend and they charge NO SHIPPING and products arrive in 2 days.


Besides vitamins, I’ve bought paraben-free make-up–liquid eyeliner and Mineral mascara and Mineral eyeshadow duo

zinc oxide sunscreen, zipfizz–yummy energy drink, laundry detergent (heard of soap nuts?), even buckwheat pancake mix…I love to bulk order Yogi Tea which can be $5 or more at local healthfood store but with discount usually costs around $3 or less.  My favorites are lemon ginger and tahitian vanilla hazelnut.


Jarrow and metagenics (VERY good, usually expensive) are good brands.  This website, (they mention investigates the efficacy of supplements.  I think that it is better to spend more money on a supplement.  Some supplements are bad, aim for ones that come from real food.  Like basic, cheap vitamin C is oftentimes comes from high fructose corn syrup (explanation at bottom of this page)******* So I recommend getting a vitamin C supplement from a natural source.

I also recommend getting a tissue mineral analysis of a hair-clipping if you plan to spend a lot of money on supplements.  This will show what actual vitamin and mineral deficiencies you have.  I believe the test cost me $89 about 5 years ago and a doctor has to order it; Dr. Campbell at that above link will do a half-hour consultation for a very low price, when I did it I think it was $40.


Besides, I’m a HUGE fan of Young Living products and essential oils.  They are the HIGHEST quality oils (and yes, likely the most expensive,) on the market.  For women, I recommend Progessence Plus, which is a sweet smelling supplement/very light fragrance (smell goes away after about 30 minutes) to boost progesterone.  Basically all modern women need this, I just found this out recently.

The number one product I’d recommend would be the Sulfurzyme because 7 pills twice daily help reduce my pain better than two ibuprofen twice daily.  The essential oils encased in the capsule make for a synergistic absorption and affect on the body.   I love their deodorant and thickening shampoo, they work VERY well, smell great, and last a very long time.  It’s cheaper to become a “member” where you get peppermint and lavendar (and other little interesting products) in a kit for $40, then you save 25% on all products.

Let’s see, my Young Living member number is 977437


**********EXAMPLE: How with supplements you get what you pay for (most of the time–some stuff while high quality is WAY overpriced for marketing and you can get a quality product for cheaper.)

Did you know most vitamin C at your local grocery store/pharmacy is created from a mold that feeds on high fructose corn syrup?  And you thought you were being healthy.  In most processed foods, it is actually cheaper to manufacture citric acid in a lab (rather than from actual REAL FOOD.) Citric acid is produced through the use of Aspergillus Niger, a mold that feeds on cheap corn syrup glucose.

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