PAID CLASS No Drama Discipline

Crockett explains why

1.WHAT we choose to teach our kids is important, as well as the

2. HOW we go about teaching.

This quote personifies the whole concept, (the “how” is about connecting to your child and saying yes to feelings):

Crockett outlines her favorite core teachings from the book, “No Drama Discipline,” starting with the premise of the book: CONNECT then REDIRECT.

After connecting, (including tips to help kids learn to self-regulate if they are in that “too tired” or “too angry” phase,) the lecture moves onto the 1-2-3 of Discipline. We want to practice curiosity as that puts in a more resourced place to think and manage emotions:

The 1-2-3 of REDIRECT is

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

The one-hour class is available for purchase contact HeidiCrockett at and will be posted below.

BONUS VIDEO clip from her class, “The 3rd Domain”

Video includes crucial details about mindsight especially how mindsight relates to the right hemisphere, attachment and trauma.

Dr. Dan Siegel is taking the core skills required to achieve horizontal and vertical integration and putting them in his children’s books like “No Drama Discipline” and “The Yes Brain.” Crockett is summarizing those skills in her 2nd and 3rd domain classes but wanted to add them here for those interested in the No Drama Discipline class.

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