PAID CLASS Higher Reasoning vs. Stuck Thinking

How can I optimize my brain? What can I do to calm down my stress response? What’s the difference between being more stressed out and being the CEO of my life? This one-hour talk will answer these questions and more in a simple 3 section format. In addition, Crockett aims to regulate the listener’s nervous system and includes breathing exercises during the lecture to experience shifting from “Elephant” to “Rider” states.

Part 1

Section 1 ends with an opportunity to reflect on what you learned:

Part 2

Another reflection after section 2:

Part 3

Section 3 explains brain fitness and ways to strengthen higher reasoning:

Crockett explains how to strengthen the Rider and Widen your Window of Tolerance:

Please email HeidiCrockett at gmail for payment and/or questions.


Below is the paid class link once you’re paid:

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