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Fantastic webinar contemplating the wider and deeper aspects of COVID19, useful and unique links at the bottom of the page, including how to have difficult conversations related to ventilator use:

Updating this post with newest resources that I like, below has daily compassion group to check-in important for those who live alone:

Some ideas if you are bored & stuck at home:

The above mentions some instagram animal channels:


FREE home schooling resources (this list is CRAZY long)

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Fascinating virtual tours and activities:


When we are under stress, we tend to want to “do” something about it (DRIVE SYSTEM–BLUE DOT)

Research shows that it is cultivating the SOOTHING SYSTEM–GREEN DOT, that leads to increased executive function and the ability to calm down our amygdala.

——-See activity at the bottom of this post———————–

More resources:

American Psychological Association (APA) – Resources for COVID-19 & General Pandemics

Resilience in Challenging Times – A Care Package from Sounds True

A Counselor’s Tips for Managing COVID-19 Anxiety- Good Therapy

List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Due to School Closings

ACTIVITY to strengthen the soothing system: 5 minutes.

1. Get a pillow or use anything near you to represent “you” and sit facing that thing. Pretend you are a good friend and you are talking to yourself right now (so you’re talking to the pillow or object you’re using).

2. Say comforting phrases, “I see you’re restless and uncomfortable. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time.”

3. Switch positions from being the good friend to being the pillow (yourself). Repeat back what the friend just said using “I” statements. Example from above, “My friend said that I’m restless, uncomfortable and having a hard time. She’s right I’m actually worried that….”

4. Go back to being the good friend and focus on guessing feelings and say short supportive sentences like, “I believe in you.” “I love you.” “You can do this.”

5. Repeat back what the friend said, “She said that I’m down and that she loves me and believes in me.”

——–If this task is hard set a timer for a shorter period of time, even 2 minutes. Kids do these kinds of fun, imaginative games when they are young but then this ability can get squeezed out of us as adults. Being able to say kind things internally and externally will help strengthen the soothing system, causing the “rest and digest” parasympathetic state to come onboard. Sure you can get your parasympathetic state in gear by eating a big meal, but you can do it giving yourself “lovefood,” too. Our bodies need to be in that parasympathetic state to heal.


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