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TIME magazine in it’s June 2011 issue on pages 58-59 discusses new research on cell phone use and radiation affecting the brain.  The article made five recommendations, one of them being to not use your cell phone as an alarm clock.  I try to tell my friends this because it’s such common practice.  If you have to keep your phone on all night, I recommend turning the volumn up high and putting it in another room.  Another recommendation was to use a headset and another was to text more instead of talking as it keeps the phone further away from your brain.


Go to this link to find out the radiation emissions of your cell phone.


The things that we do occasionally are not nearly as harmful as those things that we do daily.


Unfortunately for iPad fans, it has recently been shown that using devices with led screens that are backlit with blue light can interfere with normal sleep patterns and can also disrupt hormone balance. So if you have that iPad or other tablet or are simply watching tv or up late with the computer you may want to shut those off a little earlier. Reading a real book, or even a kindle (apparently this device does not have the blue light issue) may be the ticket for a restful nights sleep and better hormone function.  Read more about this here

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