What is Interpersonal Neurobiology used for?

IPNB or Interpersonal Neurobiology is the brainchild of Allan Schore and Dan Siegel. The concept of IPNB is based on the foundation of continuous growth of the brain. The technique of IPNB is used to stimulate the brain with positive and powerful persuasion to heal trauma. According to a recently published book called interpersonal neurobiology of play, this conceptcan help transform conditions which were once known to be permanent. Essentially... Read More

Understanding the Application & Importance of Interpersonal Neurobiology

If ever there was a way to understand how our brain’s physical features & chemical interactions with the surrounding environment and emotions wouldn’t you want to learn more about it? Whether you wish to be trained in a rather chemical/biological direction or more of a sociological/psychological direction, there is an interdisciplinary aspect that can help you work out the human relationships and interactions. This aspect is known as... Read More

Weight Loss Resources

Just as an olympic athlete doesn’t win gold without a coach, changing lifestyle and eating habits is very hard without someone supporting you.  I’m happy to support you as most of my clients are phone clients. That said, there are plenty of web resources to support you to make changes.  I like this blog to support you in changing your habits: http://www.blogtolose.com/ The blog was started by Veronica Noone, also known as “Roni”... Read More

High Fructose Corn Syrup

For information about high fuctose corn syrup (HFCS) go to this website: http://www.viewzone.com/highfructose.html Here are some healthy alternatives for those addictive sugar habits with HFCS and artificial sweeteners: These two products are healthy replacements for soda that you can find in your local healthfood store.  Blue Sky Free usually costs around $.75 per can which is very reasonable.  I’ve had a number of clients switch to this... Read More