Quick Nutrition Tips

Eating healthy simplified: 1. It’s more important what you DON’T EAT than what you DO EAT. MORE: vegetables and fruit LESS: caffeine, sugar, and junk food 2.  When shopping at the grocery store, buy products with 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS EXAMPLES: *I don’t recommend dairy but the product name FIVE for “five ingredients” was too good to not post   3. Whenever possible buy and eat FOOD (live, fresh plants, seeds, nuts... Read More

Update: Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana Post 2

I want to write more about my experience with Dave.  (I highly recommend that you read my first post about my experiences with Dave before reading this one.) I feel like there are certain moments in life that go beyond logic and words to describe.  Still, saying something is “beyond words” limits my capacity to communicate about it, (such as on this blog,) so I am going to attempt, even though this is difficult for me.   The Difference... Read More