Pursuit of Happiness

This is a fascinating talk about happiness…research tells us…. http://www.podcasts.com/npr_ted_radio_hour_podcast/episode/the_pursuit_of_happiness   photo credit to mgstanton  Read More

Beware of touching cash register receipts then eating

You can read about “BPS” in the below link or search internet for “cash register receipt BPS” but the short version is to be VERY CAREFUL whenever you handle cash register receipts because the potential toxicity is mind-blowing.  A smart health nut knows to be careful and wash hands ALWAYS before eating but STILL basically don’t rub your eyes or face or anything after you touch a paper receipt. For one BPS article click... Read More

Spiritual Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana

I’ve decided to write a bit about my experience with spiritual enlightenment teacher, Dave Oshana.    Firstly, I consider the topic of one’s spirituality a personal subject.  At the same time, everyone needs guidance from someone, that’s why we all (ideally) had parents when we were younger.  The same is true in the area of spirituality/religion.  I feel like if I write about my experiences with Dave, it could help those who are seeking... Read More

Meditation is BRAIN FLOSS

I knew personally that mediation opened a doorway into a new experience of reality, but it wasn’t until I came across the recent findings of neuroscience and psychology that I learned the science behind the importance of meditation. Dr. Siegel writes, “I introduce meditation to patients frequently now. Because I don’t have a big background in meditation, I don’t feel like I’m a religious zealot because I’m just offering this form... Read More