Sex Questions? Chronic Illness? Great resource

This website has TONS of answers about anything you might want to know on sex…but I begin with linking to a sex question from someone with a chronic illness:    Read More

Lyme Disease–my healing story

This is my story on how I healed from Lyme Disease. **Before you read this post, I want to say that I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose or treat illnesses.  Everything that I write here is free information about what I have done to help my body to heal.   This one post could be worth $1000 to you.  I’m not kidding.  Most doctors will make you pay hundreds of dollars and take a battery of expensive tests before they tell you any of... Read More

Technology and Your Health

Research on the effects of modern day technology (like texting and emailing) on your health.  The article explains how  “Doing too much, too fast, too often is bad for your brain. Multitasking drives up stress hormones which act as battery acid on the memory center of the brain and promotes system wide inflammation.” Read the full-story by clicking here: ————————————————————————– UPDATE:... Read More

Discussing Your Sexual Health with a Doctor, Great Short video

Great five minute video about how YOU should and shouldn’t feel going to a doctor and asking about your sexual health:   photo credit to  Read More